HHice Cream probiotic soft serve frozen yogurt aimed at hospital market

HHice Cream probiotic soft serve frozen yogurt aimed at hospital market

NEWtritious, a functional foods company, announces the launch of HHice Cream, a soft serve probiotic fortified yogurt aimed at the hospital market. 

Los Angeles, CA - NEWtritious, a fortified functional food and beverage company debuted  their new-to-market HHice CreamProbiotic Defense (HHice Cream for short), a “Healthy Hospital” soft serve frozen yogurt mix at Natural Products Expo West and will feature the product at VitaFoods South America and VitaFoods Europe. HHice Creamdelivers viable and potent probiotics along with a beneficial serving of vitamins and minerals. It is formulated to provide much-needed supplementation in the form of a cooling soft-serve to coax patients who are reluctant to eat in the hospital. HHice Cream is both appealing and delicious, and can be the perfect solution for those having difficulty swallowing or suffering from alimentary tract inflammation due to chemotherapy or surgery. It also provides an enjoyable way to deliver nutrition to children during their hospital stay, as well as healthcare professionals on the go.

Antibiotic resistant infections such as C.DIFF (Clostridium Difficile) are all too commonly found in hospitals and long-term care facilities. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), two million patients per year pick up infections in U.S. hospitals. About 90,000 die as a result of these deaths, with approximately 70% caused by bacteria that are resistant to at least one antibiotic. Probiotics supplying live, beneficial microorganisms similar to the “friendly” bacteria found naturally in the digestive system may help enhance immune system response and support gut health.

Why is HHice Cream™ Probiotic Defense different? It contains GanedenBC 30 ® the trademarked name for the patented strain of probiotic bacteria, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086. Each cell of GanedenBC30® contains a hardened structure, or spore, which is similar to a seed. This spore or seed, serves as a natural protective shield against the strong acids in your stomach to arrive alive and then thrive in your intestines - their intended target. GanedenBC30® is designed by nature to survive and thrive so more probiotic cells can help support your immune system.

GanedenBC30® has been shown to:

• Support digestive health*  

• Support the immune health*

• Provide live probiotic cultures*

• Deliver active cultures more effectively than yogurt**

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