Horizon Organic Expands Traditional Yogurt Line To Include Products for Babies and Kids

New Organic Kid Yogurts Provide Healthy, Delicious Options for Families

BOULDER, Colo., June 10 -- Horizon Organic Holding Corporation (NASDAQ:HCOW) , which markets the leading brand of certified organic foods, today unveiled three new yogurt products made especially for babies and toddlers, young children and teens. Extending Horizon Organic's already popular yogurt product line, Horizon Organic Whole Milk Baby Yogurt, Horizon Organic Yo-Yos cup yogurt and Horizon Organic Yogurt Tubes are produced without growth hormones, antibiotics and dangerous pesticides to offer children of all ages fun, delicious and healthy snacks.

"As the leader in the organic industry, Horizon Organic is committed to the health and well-being of children by offering delicious organic foods parents can feel good about feeding their kids," said Gwen Scherer, director of marketing for Horizon Organic. "With the addition of these new yogurts to our line of kid-focused products, Horizon Organic has extended the reach of its yogurt brand to include all members of the family."

Horizon Organic Whole Milk Baby Yogurt is created especially to provide a nutritious organic snack for children one to three years old. The new yogurt is enhanced with NutraFlora(R), a natural, soluble fiber and prebiotic that is clinically proven to aid digestion and improve calcium absorption. The yogurt is available in two multi-packs: Peach and Vanilla, and Pear and Vanilla. Horizon Organic's offering represents the first pear-flavored organic baby yogurt on the market. Sold in four-ounce, four-cup multi-packs, Horizon Organic Whole Milk Baby Yogurt has a suggested retail price of $2.59.

Since toddlers do not stay small forever, Horizon Organic is also introducing Yo-Yos yogurt cups to provide a healthy and great-tasting organic yogurt option for children up to 8 years old. Produced with organic fruit and 1 percent organic low-fat milk, Yo-Yos are available in two wild flavors: Soaring Strawberry and Screaming Orange-Cream, another flavor-first on the organic market. Similar to Horizon Organic Baby Yogurt, Yo-Yos contain NutraFlora and are sold in four-ounce, four-cup multi-packs with a suggested retail price of $2.59.

To keep up with active families on the go, Horizon Organic has also created Yogurt Tubes, a portable, convenient and fun organic yogurt product created with busy families in mind. Yogurt Tubes are available in 1.5 percent low-fat Strawberry, Orange-Cream and Blueberry flavors. Sold in two-ounce tubes, in packs of eight, with a suggested retail price of $2.99, Horizon Organic Yogurt Tubes compliment other delicious grab-and-go Horizon Organic products, such as single-serve organic milk and juice, organic pudding, organic fruit jels and organic cheese sticks, as a great addition to any lunchbox.

Like all Horizon Organic products, each of the new yogurt products is certified organic in accordance with USDA regulations. Horizon Organic yogurts are made from organic milk and fruit that are produced without dangerous pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones. In addition, Horizon Organic yogurts do not contain preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors. The new kids' line of yogurts will be on the shelves of supermarkets, natural food stores and specialty retailers nationwide in fall 2003.

About Horizon Organic

Horizon Organic produces and markets the leading brand of certified organic milk and a full line of refrigerated, certified organic dairy products. The company also markets certified organic eggs and juices. Horizon Organic products can be found in conventional supermarkets and natural foods stores across the U.S. and in the U.K. For more information, visit www.horizonorganic.com.

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