Human Genome Project Leads to Innovative Healthcare; Experts Discuss Future of Genomeceuticals at Nutritionals Symposium

LOS ANGELES -- Since June 2000, when the first draft of the human genome was completed, scientists have made significant discoveries in the understanding of gene expression and how it relates to the human body. As research continues, we begin to understand the depth of how internal and external factors including disease and drug therapy affect human genes -- thus enhancing or diminishing overall health. As a result, scientists in the emerging genomeceutical industry are using their knowledge from the human genome project to find nutrients, dietary supplements, and conventional drugs capable of altering gene expression.

At next month's Nutritionals Symposium and Exposition, February 5-7, 2002, at the Anaheim Convention Center, the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) will sponsor a symposium on the subject of applying genomeceuticals for disease and wellness therapies and will explain their research findings from the genetic knowledge gained in the human genome project. "In the future, personalized therapy correcting disease and illness will be determined by a person's DNA readout. The readout may reveal variations in the DNA code that alter genes controlling drug response, nutrient absorption, cell communication, or other vital functions," explained Cathy Fomous, Ph.D., chair of the genomeceuticals symposium and vice president, Research Evaluation at CRN.

At the symposium, industry experts will offer an introduction to genomeceuticals, an explanation of their research, and the role various nutrients have performed in autism, diabetes, aging, and cancer. These experts include:

-- Mark Brudnak, Ph.D., vice president of Technology, MAK Wood, Inc.

-- Richard Weicruck, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center

-- Carolyn Berdanier, professor of Nutrition and Cell Biology, University of Georgia

-- John Milner, Ph.D., Chief, Nutrition Science Research Group, and National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD

Additional symposium topics include an overview of current market trends, product development, supplement evaluation, and more. In addition, Nutritionals 2002 will feature an exposition of ingredients, processing equipment, packaging, labeling, and services.

Produced and managed by CANON COMMUNICATIONS LLC, Nutritionals 2002 Symposium and Exposition is part of CANON'S worldwide family of trade events. For more information or to register for the event, call 310/445-4200 or visit

Kristen Peters
[email protected]

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