The IBIZgroup To Assist Companies With Import/Export

(San Francisco, CA) April 8, 2002 – The IBIZgroup, a San Francisco-based firm providing strategic planning and business development to nutraceutical firms in the areas of worldwide regulation and compliance, product packaging and design, sales and distribution, advertising, publicity and marketing communications strategies has been formed by to assist US companies exporting products into foreign countries including Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, France and Canada, as well as international companies introducing products into the US.

According to Michael Zap, a director of The IBIZgroup, the combined global market for natural and organic foods plus functional foods and dietary supplements totaled more than $128 billion. “IBIZ is in a unique position to -take advantage of this international growth which we fully expect to continue over the next five to ten years,” says Zap.

“Companies who have heard about the development of our firm have expressed a tremendous interest and we’ve just opened our doors,” Zap said.

For group service information contact Sheldon Baker, The IBIZgroup representative at (800) 570-1262.

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