ICS Inc. Launches a User-friendly Natural Health Product (NHP) Information Website

NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA, July 1, 2005-- Dale Enright, President of Innovative Consulting Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce a major upgrade to the NHP section of their website. The new web pages offer valuable information on the new Canadian NHP regulations such as:

• What are NHPs (and what aren't)?
• Why were these new Canadian regulations required and what are some of their highlights?
• How will these new regulations impact industry & consumers?
• What are the possible consequences of failing to comply with these new regulations?
• Who do these new regulations apply to, and who is exempt?
• What is a Product Licence and who needs to apply?
• What is a Site Licence and who needs to apply?
• What are the GMP requirements and who must comply to them?
• How will these new regulations affect product labelling?
• What are the timelines for complying to these new regulations?

About ICS Inc.

Since 1999, ICS Inc. has helped over 200 organizations throughout the world with their QA & Regulatory needs. We are are team of industry scientists who assist developers, manufacturers, marketers and importers/exporters to meet their legal requirements within the pharmaceutical, NHP, food, cosmetic, and medical device industries.

For more information about the company and its services, call 1-866-352-2740 (within North America) or visit the NHP section of their website at http://www.innovating-canada.com/NHPServices.php.

ICS Inc.’s main web site: http://www.innovating-canada.com/

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