Immuno-Viva launches Sunrise, Sunset teas

Immuno-Viva launches Sunrise, Sunset teas

Immuno-Viva announces the launch of Sunrise and Sunset teas, an unprecedented creative synergy of ancient tea traditions and 21st century science.

Immuno-Viva® announces the launch of Sunrise and Sunset teas, an unprecedented creative synergy of ancient tea traditions and 21st century science.

Sunrise Tea™ combines the super health promoting benefits of black, green & white tea—and other healthy botanicals—with the physician-formulated Antioxidant Cascade™. Sunrise Tea was “Tested to the Extreme” by world class mountaineer Ed Viesturs, and provides:

·         Unmatched polyphenol and antioxidant diversity*

·         A healthy energizing boost with minimal caffeine and no sugar*

·         Invigorating immune support*

·         Great taste—Tea, Hibiscus and other herbs deliver splendid flavor, color and aroma*

Sunset Tea™ combines various healthy herbs and Suntheanine® with Antioxidant Cascade™. Sunset Tea provides:

·         Diverse polyphenols and antioxidants*

·         Proven relaxation and sleep supporting benefits*

·         Soothing immune support*

·         Great taste—Chamomile and other herbal flavors*

“Tea buying has become too complicated for consumers,” says Blend Master Brian Keating “too many brands and too many flavors. We make it convenient, functional and enjoyable; an invigorating cup of Sunrise tea in the morning and a soothing cup of Sunset tea at night.”

With over 30 years of experience, Keating has been a leader in the tea industry, creating top tea brands and publishing trend reports. Now he is paving new ground again with Dr. Dan Saltzman, MD, Ph. D, introducing the only teas’ in the world that contain Antioxidant Cascade, a blend of eight fruit and herb seed Nutri-Powders™.

“We’ve spent nearly a decade formulating and testing Antioxidant Cascade,” explains Saltzman, Immuno-Viva’s Medical Director, “in Sunrise and Sunset, it provides a diverse array of beneficial nutrients that have been shown to help support immune, heart, brain and inflammatory function.” *

Sunrise and Sunset Teas are available now at and specialty retailers—tea shops, cafes, natural food stores—priced at only $5.95 per 20-count carton and just $.99 for a 2 tea bag Trial Pack.

Members of the media are invited to “Feel the Difference One Cup Makes™”.

About Immuno-Viva:

Using the proprietary NatureFRESH Cold Press™ process to gently extract the most nutrient-rich ingredients from fruit and herb seeds, Immuno-Viva products harness the raw power of nature in synergistically blended formulas with unmatched health benefits. For more information, visit*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Suntheanine® is a registered trademark of Taiyo International.

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