Indena's France plant scores environmental certification

Indena's France plant scores environmental certification

 ISO14001 certification guarantees that the plant can control environmental impact and continually improve sustainability.

Indena has been granted the ISO14001 certification for its French production site of Tours (France). The certification guarantees that the plant has an adequate management system to control the environmental impact and to continually improve the environmental performance of its activities in a systematic, effective and sustainable way.

ISO14001 is a certification of compliance to standards for environmental management systems that applies to business aimed at reducing the environmental footprint by decreasing pollution and waste.

Under the direction of an established Environmental Management Committee, Indena has adopted behaviours aimed at the improvement of its environmental impact in its production sites and offices. Some of these efforts for optimising processes and rationalising resources include safeguarding water supplies, reducing air pollution and waste, recycling and disposing of waste safely. This certification formalizes a process the company has been undertaking for a long period of time and follows ISO14001 certification obtained two years ago by Indena’s main production site at Settala (Milan).

“We are proud of having received the ISO14001 certification - said François Mairel, Indena Tours Plant Director - because it validates our ongoing commitment to progressively reduce the environmental impact of our production activities”.

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