International AHCC® Research Association Symposium Provided Platform to Discuss Worldwide Research

SAPPORO, Japan, August 20, 2001 — The 9th International Symposium of the AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) Research Association wrapped up yesterday, August 19, in Sapporo, Japan, where over 350 medical doctors gathered to discuss the latest research on the Japanese medicinal mushroom extract. The focus of the Symposium was to discuss new AHCC clinical research studies and developments.

The two-day Symposium concluded with a presentation from U.S. Dr. Fred Pescatore, M.D., M.P.H., of the Centers For Integrative and Complementary Medicine, and medical director for the AHCC Research Association, who spoke on how AHCC is a novel approach to the treatment of common illness.

“Diseases originate with a weakened immune system,” stated Pescatore. “When it malfunctions, it can unleash a torrent of diseases, from common illnesses to cancer or hepatitis. When your immune system is strong, you can withstand most illnesses and prevent the onset of disease.”
Dr. Pescatore’s daily practice consists of treating patients with health problems ranging from AIDS to cancer to the more daily ailments with a combination of both alternative and conventional medicines focusing on building immunity.

“AHCC is increasingly being used in my clinical practice and many others as an efficacious nutritional supplement for those with cancer, hepatitis and other ailments involving immune dysfunction,” noted Pescatore.

Building upon 14 years of patient success in Japan, the Japanese nutritional supplement used to boost the immune system is making its way into U.S. hospitals and medical clinics.
According to industry analysts in Japan, over 700 hospitals and medical clinics recommend AHCC to patients in that country as part of an immune support regimen, creating a $150 million (USD) industry.

AHCC has been the subject of some 325 clinical studies conducted at prestigious Japanese institutions such as Hokkaido University, Kyorin University and Teikyo University. Currently 35,000 individuals worldwide use the nutritional supplement monthly.

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