Introducing greens+ extra energy

Introducing greens+ extra energy, a perfect source for the boost you need to get going and keep going each and every day.

greens+ extra energy expands on the research proven benefits of greens+ through the addition of a unique blend of energy intensifying ingredients.

The scientifically researched benefits of the amino acid taurine and natural caffeine from kola nut (a tonic for the nervous system) along with nine other research driven ingredients increase and prolong physical and mental energy.

greens+ extra energy is specially formulated to provide all the benefits of the award winning and research-proven greens+ and:

  • Stimulate extra physical and mental energy
  • Sustain energy levels longer
  • Taste great with a delicious, consumer-tested natural cappuccino flavor
  • Provide a healthy and sugar-free alternative to ‘energy drinks’ and coffee that tax the central nervous system and offer unwanted additive and calories

Available at grocery, pharmacy and health food retailers.

For more information please contact:

Beth Potter / Potter Communications
Tel: 403-730-9964
Email: [email protected]

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