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Inulin is in for fish and poultry

New turkey, shark-catfish products will carry Orafti's Beneo brand

Beneo-OraftiPoultry meat that benefits digestive health and high-fibre canned fish — these are just two of the latest products to be enriched with Belgium-based Beneo-Orafti's prebiotic inulin and oligofructose ingredients.

In Germany, R?genFisch has included inulin in the dressings and sauces used in its new Leichte Linie range of tinned shark catfish-fillet products.

In Spain, meanwhile, Sant Dalmai has launched a line of turkey grill products called Pechugas de Pavo Grill, which are fortified with 3.2 per cent oligofructose to promote gut health.

"We are increasingly seeing manufacturers incorporating Orafti inulin and oligofructose into a varied range of well-being products," said Tim Van der Schraelen, marketing and communication manager at Beneo-Orafti. "Consumer interest in these products has reinforced the fact that there is a market for them."

Both new products are carrying on their packaging Orafti's Beneo label, which can be used as long as manufacturers follow guidelines covering dosage and claims. Since the label was launched three years ago, it has been used on 330 products, with Orafti claiming that research shows its presence on a product can boost sales.

"In Spain, for example, more than half of those questioned were prepared to pay more for a product with added health benefits and that bear the Beneo label, than they would for a standard product with no logo," Van der Schraelen said.

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