KGK Synergize and Lecigel Enter Into a Joint Venture Agreement For Sytrinol(TM)

London, Ont. – March 10, 2005 - KGK Synergize Inc. (KGK) and LeciGel LLC (LeciGel) have confirmed their Joint Venture (JV) agreement to protect the intellectual property combining a Sytrinol combination and LeciGel’s technology with the intention to jointly commercialize the resulting technology into the functional food and beverage market. “This new matrix for Sytrinol will incorporate the product into yogurt, smoothies and truffle samples, allowing KGK and LeciGel to provide new functions for Sytrinol to interested food and beverage providers,” states Najla Guthrie, President/CEO of KGK. “We anticipate this technology to be extremely well received given the attention to cholesterol maintenance by consumers globally. This will allow consumers to incorporate these products into their heart healthy meal plan daily”. Clinical trials are in progress now to investigate the bioavailability and efficacy of SytrinolTM in this matrix.

KGK Synergize will be exhibiting at Expo West, booth #1880, providing truffle samples containing SytrinolTM to those companies interested in this new and innovative opportunity. KGK welcomes all inquiries.


About KGK Synergize Inc: KGK Synergize is a biotechnology company operating two divisions, Contract Research Services and New Product Development. For further information on KGK Synergize Inc., contact Kristen Reynolds at 519-438-9374 Ext. 222 or [email protected].

About LeciGel LLC: LeciGel LLC was formed in 1998 to develop, research and patent phospholipid delivery technology. For further information on LeciGel LLC, contact

David Peek at 540-667-7506 or [email protected].

Kristen Reynolds
519-438-9374 Ext. 222
[email protected]

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