LaunchNatural To Offer Online Course for Raw Material Suppliers

In today’s nutraceuticals industry, raw material suppliers are facing a unique set of challenges as GMP's come into effect, technology continues to change the face of business and competition comes from different parts of the world and different ingredient segments in addition to direct competitors.

To help raw material suppliers make sense of their future path, executive coaching firm LaunchNatural, North Palm Beach, FL, is offering a special three-week interactive online course geared specifically toward ingredient suppliers. The three-week course, which begins on August 26th, offers practical and tactical suggestions to guide success for raw material suppliers and help them define what's important to their company, as well as their customers.

Course details:
August 26, September 2, September 9th
2:00-3:30 Eastern/11:00-12:30 Pacific
*Course will be archived for future viewing.

Three interactive sessions with ample Q&A time.
Participant course-book included in registration fee.
One hour of complimentary coaching also included.
Course fees: $399.

To register:

About LaunchNatural:
LaunchNatural is an executive coaching firm designed to assist growing companies throughout the natural products and LOHAS industries in scaling their business. The company has developed a method, The ScalePassion Method™, to coach high growth entrepreneurs that are looking to set up their business for long term, sustainable growth. Offerings include online, self-paced courses, monthly coaching sessions and the ScalePassion Retreat, a two-day offsite meeting designed to help management teams understand their business and corporate vision and develop a plan to execute against that unique vision.

For more information:
Robert Craven: 561-762-3843; [email protected]
Ellen Schutt: 973-983-1830, [email protected]

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