Leading Authority in Antioxidants - Kemin Foods Opens First UK Office

Kemin Foods Europe, the European head office of Kemin Foods, L.C. (USA), has chosen the UK as its commercial launching platform in Europe, appointing Peter Farmer to the position of Regional Sales Manager for Northern Europe, vitamins and dietary supplements. For Kemin, a global company that has earned its reputation as an authority in antioxidants, this is the first step in a strategy to introduce its FloraGLO® brand of lutein to the UK dietary and supplement market.

Lutein, a carotenoid found naturally in the eye’s macular pigment, has been found to be effective in the prevention of Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and other age related diseases of the eye. Because the eye cannot manufacture lutein on its own, dietary intake of this naturally occurring antioxidant plays a key role in maintaining optical health.

Kemin’s patented FloraGLO® Lutein is the only purified crystalline lutein available for supplementation and has mounting evidence from clinical trials to support its effectiveness.

Kemin Foods first introduced FloraGLO® Lutein to the U.S. market in 1995. With the company’s commitment to research and education, the brand has gone from strength to strength, fuelling growth in the multivitamin and eye care supplement markets. As the only company with heavyweight investment in this field, Kemin Foods has seen growing consumer awareness of lutein in the U.S. that is now standing at 36 %, up 31% since 1999.

With the launch of FloraGLO® Lutein in the UK, and the appointment of Farmer as Sales Manager, Kemin Foods hope to expand its success to a European market. Peter Farmer brings a wealth of industry experience to his new position, most notably from Boots Contract Manufacturing and its Proprietary Healthcare Sales arm. Commenting on the company’s new UK initiative, Peter says, “ My aim is to create a sales platform for FloraGLO®; Lutein in the UK and English-speaking countries in Europe by raising awareness of AMD among the business community, healthcare professionals and consumers. There is an ethical message behind our work at Kemin; we hope that by raising awareness of AMD and the benefits of supplementation we can help in its prevention. Ultimately, I would like to see awareness of this condition reach the same levels as that of osteoporosis, which was a virtually unknown disease in this country 10 years ago. It is amazing, and indeed, frightening to think that there are 700,000 people with the disease in the UK, and 16,000 new cases a year. As people’s lifestyles change -- for the worse in the case of diet – the need for supplementation becomes evermore important for a healthy life. “

“AMD is a horribly debilitating disease. I think it is everyone’s worst fear to go blind, and it would be so easy to prevent by simple dietary supplementation, particularly when the body cannot synthesise lutein itself. Once people know what the disease is – and they can do something about it, I believe my job will become a lot more straightforward. Getting a professional recognition for lutein from the healthcare providers will also be important in establishing lutein’s credibility here in Europe. I am very confident we can do that because lutein has a lot of good science behind it, and there is a very good story to tell about its benefits. It is a very powerful molecule.”

To support the introduction of FloraGLO® Lutein to the UK market, Kemin Foods Europe is investing heavily in both consumer and professional education programmes, including The Lutein Information Bureau, an information service providing extensive information on lutein and its health benefits. Launched in the UK in September 2000, the Bureau serves as an information clearing house and valuable resource to the general public, the media and the medical research community.

Kemin Foods, L.C., is an international manufacturer and marketer of specialty ingredients for human nutrition and personal care. Kemin Foods is part of a world-wide organisation that maintains research and development facilities in Des Moines, Iowa; Belgium and Singapore, with over 60 service centres world-wide.

The Lutein Information Bureau can be accessed online, www.luteininfo.co.uk or by calling Tel: 020 73945071

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