Mark Hyman to speak at Metagenics seminar

Mark Hyman to speak at Metagenics seminar

Seminars in New York and Los Angeles will present clinically tested therapies for managing and preventing heart disease and diabetes.

Metagenics, Inc., a nutrigenomics and lifestyle medicine company focused on improving health and reversing chronic illness, will present a rare opportunity for health care providers through its educational arm, Metagenics University: two seminars led by internationally known health expert and bestselling author of The Blood Sugar Solution, Mark Hyman, MD. Dr. Hyman will discuss a whole systems approach for evaluating and treating patients to help reverse the growing problem of “diabesity”—a range of conditions that includes obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other prevalent lifestyle-related illness that affect more than one billion people worldwide. Seminar attendees will also receive a copy of The Blood Sugar Solution, along with a DVD of the book's companion PBS special.

These two special learning events will be held on May 19 in New York and May 20 in Los Angeles. Dr. Hyman is a family physician who has dedicated his career to identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illness. He has written four New York Times best-selling consumer publications that outline sustainable lifestyle changes to promote long-term health. Also respected within the professional community for his advocacy, this sought-after speaker is helping guide the future of patient-centered care by sharing science-based lifestyle medicine approaches that offer safer and effective clinical approaches for today's most prevalent and challenging conditions.

Joining Dr. Hyman to discuss innovative diagnostic and nutrigenomic treatment strategies will be guest speakers Bridget Briggs, MD and Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS, clinical nutritionist and Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Metagenics. Dr. Briggs, a family practitioner and lecturer specializing in integrative medicine, will discuss the growing trend of testing for genetic polymorphisms and how to design individual treatment programs to help prevent and manage cardiometabolic conditions. Dr. Minich will lead a session on modern lifestyle therapies that incorporate phytonutrients to target underlying mechanisms of chronic disease and promote healthy aging.

Objectives for the day-long seminars include helping clinicians understand:

  • The concept of “food as medicine” in nutritional modulation of health and disease
  • How phytonutrients influence healthy aging through the impact on genomic stability and metabolic flexibility
  • How to assess symptoms to diagnose and identify risk for diabetes and cardiovascular-related diseases
  • How to address unique causes of cardiometabolic issues with personalized lifestyle intervention strategies
  • How to apply simple nutrigenomic protocols for lifetime wellness

The May 20 event will also be available through a live simulcast.

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