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Maxomega-90 Offers Flexibility in Omega-3 Formulations

High-end Nutraceutical companies can now provide their customers with almost any ratio of EPA and DHA omega oil concentrates they want, with the launch of Maxomega-90, a range that exploits pharmaceutical sector separation methods to deliver omega-3 EPA and DHA in any 90% combination, Equateq has announced.

‘We say that Maxomega-90 is like a blank canvas, allowing companies to mix lipid actives in almost any combination they require,’ explained Equateq CEO Adam Kelliher. ‘This will enable companies to define their product rationale and give a more clear, and focused offering.’

Lipid specialist Equateq is unique in using industrial-scale chromatography to make lipid concentrates, in preference to the usual industry method of distillation. The Maxomega ™ process can separate all key lipids at up to 99% purity, but these super-high levels are mostly used by pharmaceutical companies and researchers. The Maxomega-90 range is geared for the nutritional sector, allowing delivery of EPA and DHA in any ratio, from 80/10 to 10/80, with each offering always having at least 90% total omega-3.

Companies can formulate products based on the particular area they are targeting. For example, an EPA-rich 80/10 product could be made for this lipid’s known anti-inflammatory properties. A DHA-rich 10/80 could be used for maintaining brain function. Or a 45/45 could deliver a balance of both EPA and DHA. Equateq can also concentrate other fatty acids, such as omega-6 GLA, so the Maxomega-90 strategy is not just confined to omega-3.

All production is done at Equateq’s plant in the Western Isles of Scotland, under cGMP conditions, and the oils are delivered in Ethyl Ester form. Pricing is determined by the volume and the fatty acids being targeted, and will be competitive. Equateq says it is confident that the Maxomega will give great advantages in the sector.

‘The Maxomega-90 range offers a great opportunity for any company that wants to claim the top spot in the omega oil space with defined formulations, and the highest production standards on offer,’ Kelliher said. ‘We think these can provide much-needed clarity in an increasingly cluttered marketplace.’

Equateq will be showcasing the Maxomega-90 range at Vitafoods (Stand 128) and in the New Product Zone:

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