Maypro Announces its Expansion and Relocation

April 15, 2008 - Purchase, New York - Maypro is pleased to announce its expansion and relocation. Maypro’s new global headquarters are now located at 2975 Westchester Avenue, Purchase, New York, 10577. The phone and fax numbers remain unchanged (phone: 914.251.0701 and fax: 914.251.0746).

“After many years of hard work, we are pleased to be able to expand our business” said Maypro’s President & CEO, Steve Yamada. “We look forward to our continued growth with the support of our strategic investor Marubeni Corporation and our loyal suppliers including Mitsubishi Gas Chemical and Amino Up Corporation.”

Over the past thirty years, Maypro has developed a strong proprietary ingredient portfolio and increased its patented and branded ingredient business. Maypro’s flagship product, AHCC is a powerful immunomodulator supported by over 80 studies and used in over 700 clinics worldwide. AHCC is now being marketed by major national brands including Source Naturals, Now Foods, Olympian Labs, Blue Bonnet and Jarrow Formulas; several professional market companies including Douglas Labs, American Biosciences and AOR; and by direct sales companies including Swanson and Pure Prescriptions.
Earlier this year, Maypro launched Oligonol, the world’s first highly bio-available low-molecular weight polyphenol, which was the winner of Nutracon’s esteemed NutrAward as the most innovative evidence-based ingredient of 2008. Oligonol has been shown in human studies to have several anti-aging benefits including improved cardiovascular health, reduced post-exercise fatigue, reduced visceral fat and reduced wrinkles.

About Maypro Group
In 1977, Steve Yamada envisioned the creation of a global distribution enterprise that would introduce innovative natural ingredients from Asia, Europe and the United States into world markets. Thirty years later, Steve Yamada has realized this vision. As the pioneer of such leading nutrients as Coenzyme-Q10, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Alpha-lipoic acid and Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC®), Maypro has established a strong reputation as an innovator and trusted partner for leading brand and contract manufacturers in the U.S., Japan, Asia, Europe, Latin America and other markets. Today, Maypro Group LLC operates six subsidiary companies strategically located in New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. In 2006, Maypro officially became a minority-owned affiliate of Marubeni Corporation, one of the largest Japanese conglomerates with over $70 billion in annual sales and 124 offices worldwide. Leveraging this partnership, Maypro was further able to strengthen its position in Japanese market, to reinforce its global reach and to increase its sales activities in the rapidly growing functional food and beverage market segment.

For further inquiries, please contact:
Isabel Elias-Castro, Vice-President
Tel: 914-251-0701 x. 109 or via email at [email protected]

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