National Enzyme Company Announces TGA Recertification

National Enzyme Company proudly announces their TGA recertification after a recent audit performed by TGA representatives. NEC has been TGA certifi ed for the past six years and is pleased to once again obtain this renewal. TGA certifi cation states that NEC is able to manufacture products for customers in the Australian market and demonstrates compliance with the current Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products.

NEC is one of few manufacturers in North America certifi ed to produce products for Australian customers.

“Our GMP certifi cation by TGA as an overseas manufacturer is an honor shared by few other manufacturers of dietary supplements in the U.S. Compliance with the strict internationally recognized cGMP requirements imposed by the Australian TGA demonstrates the high level of commitment that NEC has in producing complementary medicines on a global front,” said JoAnn Peterson, Director of Quality Assurance, National Enzyme Company.

TGA (Th e Australian Th erapeutic Goods Administration) is part of the Australian Department of Health and Ageing. Th eir aim is to safeguard the public health and safety in Australia by regulating medicines, medical services, blood and tissues.

Since 1932, National Enzyme Company has been the leader in nutritional enzyme technology. From research and development to marketing support, NEC provides manufacturers and distributors worldwide with comprehensive dietary supplement services while adhering to strict NSF and TGA certifi ed GMPs.

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