Natrol Puts Expo Attendees to the Test With Brainspeed

The Natrol® Patrol issues brainSpeeding tickets directing show attendees to its booth to test their cognitive abilities

NATURAL PROUCTS EXPO WEST, 2005 ­ Anaheim, Calif: The Natural Products Expo West will be the stage for the Natrol Patrol as the nutritional supplement leader launches Natrol® brainSpeed, the most exciting new entry in the cognitive supplement category. Positioned in front of the main concourse of the convention center, the purple-faced, uniformed brainSpeed Squad will be equipped with "braindar" scanners measuring the brainSpeed of unsuspecting conventioneers as they enter the hall ­ determining whether attendees are the braniac equivalent of Einstein, Bill Gates or Elmer Fudd. The brainSpeed Squad will then issue brainSpeeding tickets that direct people to the brainSpeed seminar and the Natrol Interactive Health Center to accurately test their cognitive ability.

"What makes this product so unique is not only its efficacy, but our ability to prove it to both retailers and consumers," says Elliott Balbert, Natrol founder, President and CEO. "Our brainSpeedOmeter online test allows consumers to establish a baseline level of cognitive ability then continually track their progress and improvement as they use brainSpeed. It's the first time a nutritional supplement product will offer benefits that are verifiable on an individualized basis," Balbert added.

Assisting the brainSpeed Squad is a giant mobile LED billboard disguised as a brainSpeeding trap. The billboard randomly measures the brainSpeed of pedestrians and motorists as well as invites them to attend the seminar and visit the Natrol Interactive Health center to take the brainSpeedOmeter online quiz.

Each brainSpeed product contains a proprietary core blend of nutrients that have been identified as beneficial for attention, memory, decision making speed and other cognitive functions. With this core blend and specific additional ingredients for each brainSpeed product, Natrol® has created a product line that can improve cognitive function with regular usage.

brainSpeed Perform helps improve decision-making speed and helps increase work productivity. brainSpeed Attention helps promote attention and helps enhance alertness. brainSpeed Memory with Vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid, supports cognitive function and helps maintain memory.

For more information, attend the brainSpeed seminar at Natural Products Expo West, Friday March 18, 2005 from 11:30 ­ 12:30, second Level Meeting Room 203B. To take the brainSpeedOmeter on line quiz, stop by the Natrol Interactive Health Center at Booth #2228, or go to

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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