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NBJ's Awards product merit award to Sharp-PS(TM) GOLD by Enzymotec

Company announces formal opening of active web-site

Enzymotec announced today that Sharp●PS™ GOLD is one of the recipients of NBJ's product merit award for 2007.

The formal opening of an active web-site:, was also announced.

Sharp●PS™ GOLD for improving cognitive performance is a unique phosphatidylserine (PS) compound, having a DHA component conjugated to its backbone.

This PS form has a greater resemblance to the natural form of PS as it is found in human brain and in breast milk. It was also shown to increase the availability of DHA to the brain and to have a significantly greater impact on cognitive performance .

"Unfortunately, in the past decade and until its commercial launch by Life Extensions' "Cognitex" and Country life's " Sharp-Thought",the public could not access this potent PS form and could use only lecithin-derived forms", says Elzaphan Hotam, VP Business development.

We hope this recent recognition of our technical and scientific achievement, together with the launch of our web site would serve both the general public and the experts to better understand the benefits of consuming Sharp●PS™ GOLD. Later this year we plan to release new clinical results which will further establish our position." Concludes Hotam.

Enzymotec is an Israeli biotech company, which is developing and producing health ingredients for dietary supplements and functional foods.

The company's leading product categories are: InFatTM for balanced nutrition in infant formula, Sharp●PS™ for cognitive performance improvement of seniors and CardiaBeatTM offering a broad health effect to reduce CVD risks.

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