NeuroNutrition, Inc. Created to Develop and Market Clinically Tested Supplements

BOULDER, Colo., Feb 07, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Based in Boulder, Colorado, a new company, NeuroNutrition, Inc. ( ) has been created by several veteran supplement industry executives. NeuroNutrition has been formed to supply products that are related to condition-specific areas such as cardiovascular support, cognitive health, blood sugar management, immune system support, energy, endurance, yeast/fungal care and other areas that enhance consumer health and quality of life. NeuroNutrition products are unique, innovative, scientifically documented and some are protected by intellectual property by patents and trademarks.

All NeuroNutrition products will be scientifically validated nutritional supplements and topical aids, offering a viable, effective alternative to prescription medications and less effective nutritional supplements currently on the market. According to NeuroNutrition President Michael Schuett, "The nutritional supplements marketed by NeuroNutrition will be of the highest quality with clinical science and research to back up any claims we make."

The company is forming marketing agreements with several other companies to cross-market products and services. NeuroNutrition has already entered into three agreements; press releases regarding these agreements are forthcoming.

The NeuroNutrition team is composed of the following executives: Mickey Schuett, President (CEO), Darrin Duber-Smith, VP Sales & Marketing, Michael Barber, VP Corporate Development, John Zapfel, VP of Operations, David Litell, VP Product Development, Rhonda Akin, VP Training & Education, Steve Parkinson, Chairman of the Board and Rakish Amin, JD, LLM, Legal Counsel.

NeuroNutrition's strategic partnerships are with other companies in the fields of contract supplement formulation and manufacturing and order processing and fulfillment to ensure optimal product quality and customer service.

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