New Ingredients & Products

Omega-3 benefits in buttery spread
Fish oils manufacturer Omega Protein Corp, along with GFA Brands, has introduced SmartBalance OmegaPlus, a buttery spread fortified with OmegaPure, a tasteless odourless omega 3-rich fish oil. The buttery spread also contains ALA omega-3s from plant sources, as well as important long-chain fatty acids from marine sources, and natural plant sterols with no hydrogenated oils.

OmegaPure is approved by the FDA as a direct GRAS ingredient in a number of food categories. SmartBalance OmegaPlus can be used as a dietary replacement for other spreads containing so-called ?bad? fats. The product is available in 8oz tubs.

Tel: + 1 985 345 6234

Immune-building lactoferrin
Erie Foods International has launched the dairy ingredient lactoferrin, which the company says helps regulate iron metabolism, promotes gut flora and helps control cell and tissue damage. It is manufactured from fresh pasteurised milk using ion-exchange technology and capitalises on lactoferrin?s immune-building properties as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Among the many product applications are: beverages; bars; infant and clinical nutrition; cosmetics; and dental care products such as chewing tablets, gums and toothpaste.

Tel: + 1 800 447 1887, x 330

A gulp of goodness for joints, bones and cartilage
California-based Ola Loa has introduced a new drink to support bones, joints and cartilage called Ola Loa Repair. The multi-nutrient powder packaged in 8g packets is designed to be mixed with 4?6oz of water or juice. It contains no artificial sweeteners or caffeine, and each packet contains only 1g of fructose. Among the nearly two dozen nutrients in Ola Loa Repair are vitamins A, C, K1 and D3; calcium; vanadium; boron; glucosamine; gotu kola; and L-arginine.

Tel: +1 800 800 9550

Beverages to boost ideal body weight
German extract-manufacturer Plantextrakt has introduced four Xlim brand products containing natural plant extracts designed to affect the metabolic process and support optimal body weight. The Boost line, made with green tea extract, strives to increase the body?s energy consumption through a combination of catechins and caffeine; the Fibre line aims to regulate appetite by promoting a feeling of fullness; the Pure line helps remove excess water and purify the body through its vegetable extracts, such as asparagus and celery; and the Water line, made with mineral water and herbal extracts and flavours, has reduced calories.

Email: [email protected]
Tel: + 49 9163 88 450

Time-release products that last eight hours
Osmopharm USA?s new line of time-release products is designed to stay in the body for at least eight hours. Among the company?s new line of products and formulas are: CoQ10; glucosamine; chondroitin; vitamin C; vitamin E; a combination of glucosamine with MSM and chondroitin; vinpocetine; and patented herbal formulations such as ginkgo biloba, horse chestnut and green tea. Osmopharm USA, in Pompano Beach, Florida, is the North American sales, distribution and marketing headquarters of Osmopharm SA, which produces modified release products from facilities in Switzerland and South America.

Tel: + 1 310 704 2980
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