Nordic Naturals Introduces DVD Training Guide for Retailers on the Benefits of Omega-3s

Watsonville, California (August 12, 2004) Nordic Naturals announced today that the company is offering retailers its new DVD Training Guide, “The Benefits of Omega-3’s”, a presentation by Robert Crayhon, M.S. The new DVD completes the company’s training set which also includes an audio CD by Robert Crayhon. Stores may receive a free copy of the DVD to use for staff training purposes by calling 800.662.2544. To qualify for a free copy, the retail store must carry the Nordic Naturals line of omega-3/omega-6 products.

Robert Crayhon is a clinician, researcher and educator who was named “one of the top ten nutritionists in the country” by Self Magazine in 1993. Robert maintains a nutrition practice in Reno, Nevada and New York City, New York and is a frequent guest on radio and television programs nationwide. He is the author of the best-selling book, Nutrition Made Simple, and The Carnitine Miracle. Known for his entertaining educational style, Robert is President of Crayhon Research, Inc., an educational institution that since 1989 has trained health care practitioners in the latest findings in clinical nutrition and natural medicine.

The DVD training by Robert Crayhon includes the following highlights:
• Fatty acids – an essential nutrient for life
• The role of Omega-3s in treating heart disease, depression and other diseases
• Omega-3s and dieting
• The omega-3/omega 6 balance
• Safety issues
• Flax vs. fish
• Omega-3’s and pregnancy
• Scientific findings on Omega-3s

Nordic Naturals offers a complete line of Omega-3s from fish in combination with Omega-6s from organic borage oil and evening primrose oil. Involved in research and education, Nordic Naturals is the chosen brand for various clinical trials at accredited universities and research institutions.

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