NP Nutra launched 8 new ingredients at SupplyExpo 2011

NP Nutra launched 8 new ingredients at SupplyExpo 2011

At SupplyExpo 2011 in Anaheim, NP Nutra announced the release of eight new Premium Superfood Ingredients to widespread interest from show visitors. 

At this year’s SupplyExpo in Anaheim, California, NP Nutra announced the release of eight new Premium Superfood Ingredients to widespread interest from show visitors. Already well known for introducing popular ingredients such as Camu Camu, Cha de Bugre, Goji and Noni to the natural health market, NP Nutra’s newest launch combines the company tradition of sourcing and producing the most cutting edge ingredients with increased responsiveness to consumer interests and health trends.

The Premium Superfood Ingredients launch included antioxidant-rich AcaiVida™, water soluble PapayaFlow™, freeze dried CranPhyto™, pure organic MaquiForza ™, potent MangosteenRoyale™, phytonutrient-rich BlueberrySante™, ever-popular CocoJiva™ and organic SachaOmega™ with 92% Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3:6:9. We also exhibited exciting new organic papaya ingredient Caricol®.

AcaiVida™ is a superior Acai Juice Powder from the Amazon's "Tree of Life" that builds on existing Acai products by offering exceptional water solubility as well as a unique processing method that reduces the oil content and eliminates the clumping issues prevalent with other Acai juice powders. Acai is well known for being a nutrient power house, naturally rich in Omega 3:6:9, Essential Fatty Acids, Amino Acids and Anthocyanins.

BlueberrySante™ and CranPhyto™ fulfil product manufacturers’ requirements for a super high quality blueberry or cranberry powder made from real blueberries and cranberries at a very reasonable price. Produced from South American berries, BlueberrySante™ and CranPhyto™ are freeze dried at carefully controlled temperatures to preserve the berry’s extremely high phytonutrient profile.

SachaOmega™ responds to the need for an all vegetarian source of essential fatty acids with 92% Omega 3:6:9 in the perfect balance required for health. Importantly, it is prepared from cold pressed virgin Sacha Inchi oil and not exposed to damaging heat during processing.

Expo West provided the perfect launching pad for the Signature Ingredient Range because in one event it brought together the largest annual gathering of natural health professionals representing the entire breadth of the production chain. Consumer response was very positive and representatives Evette Shannon, Kris Fitzgerald, Anna Mathews and Thomas Walton were busy during the 3 days discussing new business opportunities as well as handing out delicious handmade Hawaiian Toffee and the breathtakingly beautiful NP Nutra calendars.

About NP Nutra

NP Nutra is a leading manufacturer of premier quality natural ingredients for the dietary supplements and functional foods industries. Founded in 1998, NP Nutra has experienced explosive growth over the past decade due to unsurpassed quality, pricing and customer service. With manufacturing facilities around the world, NP Nutra’s organic and natural ingredients serve the needs and desires of health conscious consumers around the world. To request more information about NP Nutra’s products and services, please call 310-694-3031 or visit

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