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Nutraceutical Manufacturers Missing the Opportunity to Promote

CLOVIS, CA (October 7, 2004) – “When Merck & Co. the maker of Vioxx the blockbuster pain reliever voluntarily pulled the drug because of data showing it increased the risk of heart attacks and strokes, it gave the nutraceutical and dietary supplement industry an opportunity to step forward and promote its products and science as viable alternatives,” says Sheldon Baker, senior partner of the Baker Dillon Group, a total involvement nutraceutical industry marketing firm in Clovis, CA.

“Major manufacturers should have stepped up to the plate and immediately produced an educational campaign through broadcast and print media to inform consumers about the healthy alternatives for inflammation and overall immune function,” Baker said. “With the supplement industry under constant scrutiny, corporate representatives and industry spokespeople should have hit the airwaves with alternative health information,” noted Baker. “This was the perfect time for the industry to provide a public service message about supplements to generate mainstream exposure.

“This situation gave the nutraceutical industry the chance to tout the safety of dietary supplements vs. prescription drugs,” Baker said. “Following the ephedra debacle this would have been an excellent time to demonstrate that there are safe options to battling pain from arthritis and other maladies. Even this week other pain prescription drugs are being questioned by scientists and regulatory agencies,” added Baker.

Pharmaceutical advertising has exploded over the past decade to become the 10th largest advertising category in the U.S. Last year, expenditures for prescription-drug ads jumped 24% to $3.21 billion, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.

“The dietary supplement industry has to enhance and increase its marketing efforts to educate consumers about safe natural alternatives to drugs. The voluntary withdrawal of Vioxx by Merck opened the door for the supplement industry to initiate an informative educational marketing campaign,” says Baker.

The Baker Dillon Group, an award-winning communications firm, provides insightful thinking to transform company and product marketing into emerging brand experiences. The Baker Dillon Group expertise includes advertising, branding, marketing, graphic and web site design, promotion, publicity and Hispanic advertising and marketing.

For more information the Baker Dillon Group can be contacted at [email protected] or at (559) 325-7191.

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