Nutraelle FemCare probiotic supports women’s health

Nutraelle FemCare probiotic supports women’s health

This probiotic supplement supports vaginal and urinary health.

Nutraelle FemCare, a women’s probiotic, fills the missing link to the vaginal health chain, along with a healthy diet, exercise and using natural products.*

Many people have recently become aware of probiotic benefits when it comes to the digestive system. The benefits of probiotic supplements can also support vaginal and urinary health.* Some women suffer from vaginal discomfort even though they lead healthy lifestyles. They key to women’s health is internal balance.*

“Our all-natural products help replenish good bacteria in women’s urogenital systems*,” said Carol Hopkins, Nutrition Expert at The Wellness Nutrition, LLC, the company that manufactures Nutraelle FemCare. “By maintaining balance in the digestive system, bad bacteria rarely grow out of control and spread to the vaginal area.*”

An overgrowth of bad bacteria can lead to unwanted vaginal issues.

Bad bacteria can grow out of control as a result of a poor diet high in refined sugars and flours. Foods and beverages containing yeast, such as bread, beer and other alcohol, have also been found to have negative effects on vaginal health.

“Being healthy is like following a food recipe,” Hopkins said. “Various ingredients, including a diet with daily servings of fruits, vegetables and fiber is imperative for vaginal health.* The wrong ingredients will ruin the recipe.”

Aside from a healthy diet, exercise helps digestion which allows your body to release toxins easier. A healthy digestive system and fewer toxins support a healthy vagina.*

“A regular exercise routine is another ingredient in a woman’s recipe to health,” Hopkins said. “Physical activity helps blood circulate which supports all bodily functions.”

Bodily functions also work their best when chemicals and artificial elements are kept away from the body. Man-made products often contain additives that threaten the body’s natural state.

“Many women don’t pay attention to harsh ingredients in their daily products,” Hopkins said. “Scented soaps, tampons, dyes in colored panties, scented laundry detergents and even spermicidal lubricants in certain condoms can throw off a woman’s natural chemical balance. All-natural products without dyes and fragrances are better for a woman’s vaginal health.”

Most women will find it difficult to follow all of these suggestions. The benefits of probiotic supplements, such as Nutraelle FemCare, formulated especially for women, include support for vaginal health.* Find out more about how Nutraelle FemCare works!

“Our ratings and reviews speak for themselves. Consumers like our product. Nutraelle FemCare probiotic benefits help women maintain internal balance.*” Hopkins said. “Obviously, the healthier the woman, the better the results will be. But, probiotic benefits will be very noticeable on any woman who maintains a daily regimen of probiotics.*”

DSHEA Disclaimer: Under section 5 of DSHEA, the content material of this article is for educational and consumer information purposes only. *This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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