Oasis Wellness Network Launches Revolutionary Joint Health Product

Broomfield, CO - February 13, 2003 - Oasis Wellness Network, the world’s leading anti-aging company, has announced the launch of its breakthrough RegeniCARE™ ultimate joint care product. This comprehensive, high-potency nutritional joint support supplement incorporates a perfect blend of natural ingredients, including a patented formula, Protectin™, to effectively nourish and support the body’s joints and surrounding connective tissue.

RegeniCARE contains more combined joint health nutrients, including glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, MSM (Methyl Sulfonylmethane) and CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate) than can be found in the leading joint care products. Perhaps as important, Protectin™, the proprietary ingredient used in RegeniCARE™, is an exclusive, clinically tested herbal complex shown in laboratory tests to support muscle and joint health by clearing the way for the product’s other active ingredients to nourish and support the joints and connective tissue. In addition, the other patented ingredient, Maxcell™, is an aloe-based compound designed to facilitate the absorption of critical nutrients into the bloodstream. And unlike most joint care products, RegeniCARE™ is a tasty and refreshing powdered drink mix that is easily assimilated by the digestive system.

According to the company’s president and chief scientific officer, Stephen Cherniske, as the body ages the joints tend to lose the natural cushioning and lubrication that allow for comfort during even the most basic physical activities. RegeniCARE™ addresses these and other concerns. “I am thrilled to announce the launch of a superior product that will revolutionize the way people approach joint health,” said Cherniske. “Whether you’re an athlete or are simply feeling the effects of age on your body, RegeniCARE™ can help you maintain maximum mobility and strong, flexible joints, as well as add an extra spring to your step.”

Products are available through a local Oasis Associate. Call 303-464-5150 to find an Associate near you, or visit www.oasisnetwork.com.

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About Oasis Wellness Network
Oasis Wellness Network, the world’s leading anti-aging company, is committed to helping people “feel younger longer.” Part of a global “ECONET” family of companies committed to the betterment of mankind, Oasis is dedicated to carrying out scientific research and development of innovative and natural products that promote quality of life. Oasis is the only natural products company carrying out genomic research to produce a full line of revolutionary anti-aging products that are highly efficacious. Years ahead of the competition in unmatched and advanced research, technology and manufacturing capabilities, Oasis delivers what no other company can with proprietary and exclusive products such as RegeniCARE™, MetaBerry™, MetaGreens™, Aloe Gold™, Longevity Signal Formula™ and Inthinity™. Oasis…Feel Younger Longer!

Oasis Wellness Network
Mark Metzler, Communications Manager
303-464-5150 x230

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