Pharmachem Contributes Funds to the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

ANAHEIM, CA, MARCH 5, 2004—Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc., today announced it has provided funding to the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition to support the institution’s research and education mission. While the exact dollar amount was not revealed, the funding will be used in the center’s research on the development of healthy functional foods.

Pharmachem laboratories, is the developer and supplier of Phase 2® starch neutralizer, an ingredient used in a variety of weight loss supplements sold in food, drug and mass market stores, worldwide.

“Phase 2 is the first concentrated extract of the white bean shown to be effective and safe in several clinical studies,” according to Dilip Chokshi, Biochemist, Pharmachem Labs. “A double-blind, placebo-controlled human trial at the University of Scranton showed that Phase 2 helped reduce the absorption of starch calories by an average of 66%,” said Chokshi. “Two separate, independent, human studies have also shown that Phase 2 promotes weight loss.

“Because it works only on carbs, it fits nicely into the low-carb trend,” said Chokshi. “It is particularly attractive to many consumers who have trouble giving up their carbs, and can, in fact, help them stay on low-carb diets.

The research director for the Pharmachem project is Kanak Udani, Ph.D., a veteran of the processed food development industry, formerly a senior research scientist with Kraft foods.

“Our research will initially focus on baked goods, including breads, fresh and frozen pizza, fresh tortillas, frozen bagels and bake mixes,” said Udani. However, any food product that contains a carbohydrate will be a target. By incorporating the starch neutralizing power of Phase 2 into a line of reduced carb foods, we will enable consumers to enjoy comfort foods like bread, pasta, and pizza without all the calories,” added Udani.

Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc., Kearny, NJ, develops, supplies and manufactures a variety of high-quality, efficacious food ingredients under the strictest quality control according to cGMP standards. For more information on Phase 2, including a complete media kit, log-on to; or call 1-800-526-0609.

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