Pharmline Granted ISO 9001 Certification

Florida, NY (April 1, 2008) – Pharmline, Inc., has been granted ISO-9001 certification by IQ Net as part of a strategic move to toughen its quality assurance procedures. The action is complementary to several moves taken by the company since January, including GMP re-certification by the Natural Products Association (NPA). The new certification is designed to assure the integrity and quality of the ingredients Pharmline supplies to the dietary supplement and health food industries. Pharmline currently is implementing enhanced HACCP systems to gain more comprehensive certification later this year. These steps demonstrate Pharmline’s commitment to the highest standards of quality and product safety in the industry.

“With the increasing globalization of the food supply, the availability of pure and safe foods is more important than ever,” says Mitchell Kleinman, President of Pharmline. “Our fundamental commitment has always been to provide our customers with ingredients and products of uncompromised quality and purity. Therefore, we continue to be highly selective in sourcing and employ strictly controlled manufacturing operations and quality assurance controls in our facility." Pharmline’s strategy of setting the benchmark for quality and safety of ingredients consists of multiple steps, including the recently announced recertification of GMP status and the re-opening of its Chinese office. The company’s multilevel strategies will ensure the highest level of confidence in the quality of the ingredients we supply to our customers."

According to Dr. Chunlin Wang, V.P. of Quality Control, "We at Pharmline are very aware of growing areas of concern in the food and the dietary supplement industries, specifically regarding imported ingredients. Receiving ISO 9001 certification shows formal recognition of our quality system — a system which ensures traceability of all incoming raw material — down to pallet or drum level. Pharmline intends to maintain its lead as one of the best quality-certified suppliers of nutritional ingredients and value-added services, extending our objectives for total supply-chain traceability to a global scale.”

From its founding more than 20 years ago, Pharmline recognized the potential for supplying nutritional ingredients of dependable quality and uniform consistency. With this guiding mission, it has become a full-service manufacturer and leading global supplier of high-quality nutraceutical and functional food ingredients.

Pharmline, a subsidiary of Gadot Biochemical Industries, Ltd., specializes in custom formulations and large capacity blending of liquids, powders and granulations. In addition to custom contract services, the company is the exclusive North American distributor of EPAX(R) AS Marine Omega 3 fish oil; Industrial Organica Hi-Fil™ Lutein and Zeaxanthin products; and the Burgundy Botanical Extracts trio of patented products, EyesBerry™, IridoForce™ and UTIRose™.

To learn more about Pharmline, visit or call (845) 651-4443.


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