Purest Colloids debuts colloidal silver creams

Purest Colloids debuts colloidal silver creams

New creams bring MesoSilver brand colloidal silver to the topical market.

Purest Colloids, Inc., manufacturer of the renowned MesoSilver brand colloidal silver, MesoGold brand colloidal gold and other "Meso" brand metal colloid products, is proud to introduce MesoSilver colloidal silver creams. These new topical products contain 27 ppm of our 99.99 percent pure silver MesoSilver colloid. The new creams are great for soothing skin and promoting natural healing without the assistance of synthetic pharmaceuticals.

For many years consumers have asked for topical versions of the MesoSilver colloidal silver products. Purest Colloids, Inc. is happy to answer your requests and make these creams available. The finest natural ingredients, including organic aloe vera, jojoba oil, organic coconut oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, organic honey, organic green tea extract, organic blue green algae extract, organic nettle extract, organic milk thistle extract, vitamin C, vitamin E and others, are used to produce top-quality products. Many of the ingredients are organically sourced to bring customers all-natural results.

Keeping with the all-natural theme, the creams are available in environmentally friendly biodegradable tubes. The tubes are available in 2- and 4-ounce sizes, and they come in a variety of scents including fresh mint and lavender. The creams are also available in an unscented original version.

Purest Colloids is truly excited to have the benefits of their flagship MesoSilver product in a topical cream. MesoSilver has the smallest particle size and highest particle surface area of any colloidal silver product ever tested. This is important as effectiveness is determined by particle surface area. The new creams will bring the benefits of MesoSilver brand colloidal silver to the topical market.

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