Purpose Nutrition to Launch on ShopNBC

ShopNBC, the premium lifestyle brand in electronic retailing, today announced the launch of Purpose Nutrition on its multi-channel platform this Saturday, September 12. The line of nutritional supplements will premiere during four dedicated 1-hour shows set to air starting at 2 am, 11 am, 4 pm, and 10 pm ET.

Purpose Nutrition's visionary Dr. Patrick Gentempo will join ShopNBC hosts Dave King, Brian Kessler and Kendy Kloepfer to educate and inform the viewer how these supplements have been formulated to cleanse, nourish and revitalize the body and mind. As part of the network's ShopNBC Anywhere initiative, customers can shop via cable and satellite TV, mobile devices (iPhone and iPod Touch), online at www.ShopNBC.com, and streamed live at www.ShopNBC.TV.

The Purpose Nutrition System was founded by Dr. Gentempo, one of the world's foremost experts on health, wellness, and optimal living, and the founder and CEO of Creating Wellness Alliance. Considered the "Doctor's Doctor," he travels the globe teaching healthcare providers how to better serve their patients. Additionally, Dr. Gentempo has been invited to testify before the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and was inducted into the Wellness Hall of Fame in 2007.

Purpose Nutrition was created with the idea that there are three dimensions of wellness (physical, psychological, and biochemical), a topic that Dr. Gentempo gives seminars on around the world. "The thought behind the last dimension, biochemical, is that even if individuals are not ready to completely cut out the bad, they can at least add in the good. This is where Purpose Nutrition supplements come in to play," according to Dr. Gentempo.

Continued Dr. Gentempo: "I've dedicated my life to helping people improve their health and vitality with easy solutions that get maximum results. Purpose Nutrition enables this vision through advanced, research-based formulations using natural nutrients, working together in synergistic harmony. I combine this with life-transforming information about the three dimensions of wellness. I know these methods work and endeavor to help people 'Live with Purpose.' I'm excited to be partnering with ShopNBC and looking forward to extending the reach of Purpose across their national footprint."

Donna Tarantino-Loyle, ShopNBC's Director of Health and Beauty, said: "The purpose of Purpose Nutrition is to educate people about the truth of where wellness comes from and to motivate them to change their life by providing high-impact, easy-to-use products that help create healthier people and a healthier planet. It is a tier one brand for ShopNBC's health and beauty category, and we're excited to introduce our customers to this wonderful new product line. I'm confident our viewers will greatly benefit from being educated by Dr. Gentempo and his compelling story."

ShopNBC will be offering the following products in the Purpose Nutrition System:

--Step 1: Start With A Cleanse

Purpose Easy Cleanse is a gentle, mineral-based cleanse that works with your body's own digestive system to eliminate intestinal bulk and ready your body for Purpose Nutrition.

--Step 2: Build a Strong Foundation

Purpose Easy Shake is loaded with easy fiber, whey protein, and easygest priobiotic blend to help support proper digestion. Purpose Vitalizing Multis features a broad spectrum of Purposed Nutrients, critical nutrition grown in a living food matrix so they are body ready.

--Step 3: Customize Your Needs

Purpose Dietary Supplements come in 4 different varieties aimed at tackling different personal needs: Mobility for joint-care, Bone with highly-absorbable calcium citrate malate, Lean to aid thermogenic response, and O-3 with omega-3 fatty acids to help support a healthy cardiovascular system.

For more information on these products, please visit us at www.ShopNBC.com keyword "purpose nutrition."

About ShopNBC

ShopNBC is a multi-channel electronic retailer operating with a premium lifestyle brand. The shopping network reaches 73 million homes in the United States via cable and satellite television: DISH Network channels 134 and 228; DIRECTV channel 315. Programming is also streamed live on the web at http://www.ShopNBC.TV. Its companion Internet site, http://www.ShopNBC.com, is recognized as a top e-commerce site. ShopNBC is owned and operated by ValueVision Media.

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