SourceOne Announces Start of Clinical Trial for Sytrinol(TM) and Plant Sterol Combination

Two Sources of Cholesterol at the Heart of the Study

CHICAGO,, IL - SourceOne™ Global Partners, a sales and marketing company providing proprietary branded nutritional ingredients to manufacturers and marketers, has announced the launch of a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study with its signature proprietary cardiovascular wellness compound, Sytrinol™. In addition to further validating the benefits of Sytrinol™ as a stand-alone compound, the study will include several arms with a combination of Sytrinol™ and plant sterols to further illuminate the strength of efficacy of these compounds as a compelling and potent combination dietary supplement. This study serves to provide dietary supplement manufacturers and marketers with the added flexibility and viability of providing consumers with effective cardiovascular formulas for specific lifestyles and levels of heart health concerns. The study will be conducted by Radiant Research Incorporated located in Chicago IL.

Multiple clinical studies have demonstrated that FDA-approved plant sterols and stanols reduce cholesterol levels up to between 7 and 15 percent. However, because Sytrinol™ has a complementary mechanism of action, by combining Sytrinol™ and sterols, the combined biological performances of the two are greater than the sum of their parts. Here’s why: sterols only block the absorption of cholesterol in the food we consume, and contrary to popular belief, ingested cholesterol has a minor effect on overall lipid profiles, compared to cholesterol produced in the body. More than 75 percent of cholesterol is the result of the liver’s imbalanced production of cholesterol, and sterols have no impact on this cholesterol.

“Cholesterol control is on the minds of millions of Americans,” says Jesse Lopez, founder, president and CEO of SourceOne™ Global Partners. “Plant sterols and stanols have been proven to mitigate cholesterol attained via food consumption. But medical research has clearly illuminated that cholesterol levels are produced by a combination of diet and the individual’s own liver metabolism profile. Sytrinol™ has been proven to address cholesterol on the hepatic level. We therefore believe that undertaking a clinical trial with the combination of plant sterols and Sytrinol™ along with a healthy diet and lifestyle program will prove clearly that healthy total cholesterol can indeed be accomplished through the addition of natural compounds.”

Lopez adds that the Sytrinol™ and sterol combination already has a patent application pending, and this clinical study will further validate the supporting science for the patent. “Furthermore, this study will be one of the first to demonstrate that plant sterols can be delivered in a dietary supplement capsule instead of being consumed through food based products like margarine or orange juice.”

According to Lopez, this research will be the first sterol supplement combined with a patented compound like Sytrinol™ to have the clinical research supporting the heart health benefits it claims to deliver.

About Sytrinol™
SytrinolÔ is a powerful antioxidant with numerous heart health benefits including playing a significant role as an anti-inflammatory. Other heart health parameters being studied include C-reactive protein (CRP), apolipoprotein AI, and apolipoprotein B. Recent research is establishing that inflammation may cause C-reactive protein (CRP) to be produced in the body and is considered a reliable marker for sudden heart attack. Apolipoprotein AI is a major component of HDL and is associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, while apolipoprotein B is a major component of LDL and is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Sytrinol™ contains specific compounds that are suggested to positively affect these reliable predictors of cardiovascular disease. SourceOne owns the exclusive worldwide license for the intellectual property associated with SytrinolÔ.

About SourceOne™ Global Partners
SourceOne was conceived as a company whose core competence is to integrate legitimate science with strong trade and consumer branding. SourceOne™ Global Partners cultivates relationships with leading suppliers worldwide to source and offer patented ingredients supported by proprietary science as part of a turnkey marketing program that dramatically increases the odds for marketing success.

For further information on SourceOne™ Global Partners, visit or contact Begüm Tümer at 312.321.8222 or [email protected].

Begüm Tümer
(312) 321-8222

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