South-Am Freeze Dry to triple production of freeze-dried maqui

South-Am Freeze Dry to triple production of freeze-dried maqui

In January, South-Am Freeze Dry will increase its production of freeze-dried maqui, which is high in ORAC and antioxidants.

South-Am Freeze Dry has announced that it will triple its production of freeze-dried maqui (Aristotelia Chilensis), also known as the “Chilean Wineberry” during the new season starting in January 2012.  The maqui berry is indigenous only to the southern Patagonian region of Chile, and was traditionally used by the mapuche Indians to promote strength, endurance, and overall health.  In recent years it was discovered that maqui has one of the highest known ORAC and antioxidant concentrations of any known plant substance in the world. 

South-Am began processing the maqui berry in a freeze-dried powder and freeze-dried whole berry format in 2008.  Demand dramatically increased year-on-year, and in 2011 notwithstanding a doubling of production, South-Am ran short on product.  The company is tripling its production for 2012, and has already closed advance contracts for over half of that production. 

Freeze-drying is the preferred method for processing of the maqui fruit because any other methods that involve heat drying or heat concentration of the juice destroy the nutritional values of the fruit and greatly reduce the antioxidant values. 

About South-Am Freeze Dry:

South-Am Freeze Dry is a full-service freeze-dry ingredients processing company.  It is the first and only freeze-drying facility in Chile, and the largest and newest freeze-drying facility in South America and the southern hemisphere.  The company offers a full line of organic and conventional freeze-dried fruit ingredients, as well as other freeze-dried ingredients.  For more information, visit or e-mail  [email protected] or [email protected].

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