Synergy Production Laboratories and NOP

The USDA National Organic Program is redefining our industry and providing a unique opportunity for natural products companies seeking a competitive edge in the marketplace. Ahead of the trend, Synergy Production Laboratories™ (SPL) is already operating within the NOP parameters and offers both certified organic, kosher raw materials and organic, kosher contract manufacturing services. SPL’s experience and expertise in organic materials and production is making it possible for natural products companies to become fully compliant with the NOP regulations as quickly as possible in response to increasing customer demand. The organic segment of the natural products industry is expected to grow by 22% within the next year, and reports show that over 50% of consumers purchase organic products when they are available. “For the first time in the United States, we have a national standard that defines organic. The effect this will have in bolstering consumer confidence is very exciting,” comments Mitchell May, PhD, CEO of Synergy Production Laboratories.

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