Teawolf to Feature Wolfberry Distillate at IFT Meeting

Teawolf, the dynamic, state-of-the-art manufacturer and distributor of natural and functional ingredients for the food, flavor, fragrance and beverage markets, has announced it would attend the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo in Chicago, IL on July 16–20, 2010. The IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo is the only annual event that brings together professionals involved in both the science and the business of food.

Teawolf, headquartered in Pine Brook, NJ, is led by food and beverage industry veteran Greg Robertson, formerly with Ungerer & Company. Teawolf will be presenting at IFT its wolfberry distillate in a Wolfberry Tea beverage and its 10-fold vanilla and premium dark chocolate extract in a chocolate milk (with no cocoa powder), along with two other surprise beverages.

"We're looking forward to officially introducing Teawolf at IFT this July," said Robertson, 32, president of Teawolf. "Teawolf has a variety of new products including our premium black and green tea extracts, black and green tea distillates, 2-fold, 10-fold, and 32-fold Madagascar Bourbon and other pure vanilla extracts, coffee distillate, wolfberry (goji) distillate, orange peel distillate, and more," Robertson continues. "We will showcase a few of these at our IFT booth on blotters and demonstrated in finished products."

Teawolf offers hundreds of different tea products, all of which are manufactured in its state-of-the-art New Jersey facility. The Company imports tea from around the world to produce high quality extracts, distillates, concentrates, essences, blends, and more. The Teawolf R&D team is highly experienced at creating tea extract and distillate combinations that suit the specific needs of its customers, and can deliver the optimal flavor every time. Additionally, Teawolf offers several Wolfberry products including its two signature items: GOJ590 Organic Wolfberry Juice (36 Brix) and GOJ891 Wolfberry Distillate. Teawolf also has a line of more than 200 botanical formulas, many of which are currently sold as tinctures available for retail sale in Canada under the SpagoMed brand, and numerous offerings for the "healthy aging" category.

The Company has invested heavily into extraction systems that are computer controlled, explosion proof, pressure-rated, vacuum-rated and temperature controlled to the precise psi/degree/second. "Teawolf can vary all of these parameters at the touch of a button on the computer," says Robertson. "This level of control allows Teawolf to create products with unsurpassed quality and to improve the efficiency of our extractions to the point where markers such as, for example, EGCG in a green tea extract or vanillin in a vanilla extract, etc. increase from 75-85% on a typical tank extraction to 97-99%."

Teawolf can be found at IFT Food Expo booth # 3468.

About Teawolf

Headquartered in Pine Brook, NJ, Teawolf is a dynamic, state-of-the-art manufacturer and distributor of natural and functional ingredients. With its strategic combination of advanced technologies, proprietary extraction and manufacturing processes, plus access to the world's finest raw materials sources, Teawolf is able to offer the very highest quality in natural extracts, distillates, concentrates and essences to its customers in the food, flavor, fragrance and beverage markets. Teawolf is proud to be certified organic by COI (Certified Organic Incorporated) and Certified Kosher under the authority of the Orthodox Union. For more information,

please visit www.teawolf.com.

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