Ulrick & Short muscles in on sports nutrition market

Ulrick & Short muscles in on sports nutrition market

The UK ingredient supplier launches a new line featuring Complex 12, which can be added to existing pre-mix drink blends, ready to drink shakes, or energy bars.

Following a recent surge in demand for nutritional supplements, leading clean label ingredients specialists, Ulrick & Short Ltd, has launched a specialist range of products exclusively developed for the sports nutrition market.

Fuelled by consumer desires for healthier lifestyles, Ulrick & Short's Complex 12 hydrolyzed wheat protein, coupled with its range of Delyte fat replacers can offer this burgeoning sector the perfect opportunity to develop the innovative high protein, low fat sports drinks, protein shakes and energy bars that the UK market is so hungry for.

Complex 12 is free from lactose and cholesterol and not only offers a higher glutamic acid level but has just 1.4 percent fat content and is also suitable for vegans.

Made up from 80 percent protein and 30 percent glutamine dipeptides, typically bonded by L-Alanine and L-Glycine, Complex 12 is a highly functional ingredient offering a complete balance of proteinogenic and anti-inflammatory amino acids that work synergistically to deliver the optimum ratio of protein and carbohydrate, to replenish spent glycogen stores and aid muscle growth.

Unlike other protein supplements, Complex 12 has binding qualities that help enhance, rather than degrade overall product texture and provides a silky mouth-feel for superior drinkability without compromising on taste or quality. Available as a powder, Complex 12 can be easily incorporated into existing pre-mix drink blends, ready to drink shakes, or protein and energy bars and health snacks.

Complementing Complex 12 is Ulrick & Short's sophisticated range of Delyte fat replacements, which are produced from a range of crops and have been developed with extremely high process tolerance levels so can withstand multiple production cycles.

Not just a product for improving nutritional profiles, the Delyte range of fat replacers also plays a significant role in keeping formulation costs down and is a vital ingredient in cost engineering. Delyte ingredients deliver the same multifunctional organoleptic properties of original fats such as superior mouth-feel, creaminess and overall texture quality.

Traditionally the sports nutrition market has relied on simple, accessible products, often high in sugar and dairy based, designed and created for professional athletes and body builders. However, the market is changing and with growing interest in nutritional supplements from occasional athletes, weight loss groups and people with specialized diets.

Ulrick & Short will work closely with producers to help them to design new, great tasting, lower fat, high protein drinks and snacks to suit the needs of this developing consumer market. Its team of highly qualified food experts is on hand to offer immediate technical back-up and help integrate ingredients into existing recipe formulations, develop finished products and deliver new ideas on the use of the ingredients.

The company's range of clean label ingredients is continually expanding and currently consists of binders, emulsifiers, bakery glazes, fat replacers, phosphate alternatives and Omega balanced flax oils and fibers, which help remove chemicals and allergens without compromising on taste, quality or texture.

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