Uncle Sam(R) Cereal Passes Glycemic Research Institute Criteria

NEEDHAM, Mass., June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The Glycemic Research Institute in Washington, D.C. announced today that Uncle Sam(R) Cereal, a product of Massachusetts based U.S. Mills, Inc., has been approved as LOW GLYCEMIC. The coveted Seal of Approval from the Institute designates that a food does not overly stimulate blood glucose and insulin and does not stimulate fat-storing enzymes.

Persons with insulin-related disorders, such as Syndrome X, Insulin- Resistance, Diabetes and Hypoglycemia look for the GRI Seal of Approval when selecting insulin-friendly products.

Dieters and athletes try and avoid High Glycemic foods since they stimulate insulin and fat-storage. Consumers feel that the Seal of Approval makes it easy to distinguish High Glycemic foods from those that are Low Glycemic.

Athletes seek out Low Glycemic products because they do not imbalance blood sugar levels, which is important in sports events. High glycemic foods, drinks, and nutraceuticals also impair sports performance.

Introduced in 1908, Uncle Sam Cereal is one of the country's oldest cold cereals. It has developed a loyal following across the country and among people of all ages because of its unique benefits. Uncle Sam Cereal is a crispy blend of whole grain wheat flakes and flaxseed. It is high in fiber, low in sodium, and has no added sugar, artificial additives or preservatives.

According to U.S. Mills, Inc. company President, Chuck Verde, "We know that dietitians and physicians recommend Uncle Sam Cereal to patients for a variety of reasons. The approval from the Glycemic Research Institute confirms what we've been consistently told by other health care professionals -- that Uncle Sam Cereal can play a significant role in losing and managing weight."

Dietitians and researchers have also called attention to a principal ingredient in Uncle Sam Cereal; flaxseed, as a significant source of lignans and terrestrial omega-3 fatty acids. These have been shown to have important effects on three major diseases afflicting millions of Americans; cancer, cardiovascular disease, and inflammatory diseases like arthritis.

Uncle Sam Cereal is available nationally in most major supermarkets and natural food stores. Consumers can find the product in their area by logging onto: http://www.unclesamcereal.com.

U.S. Mills is headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts. The company also markets New Morning(R) cereals and graham crackers, Farina Creamy Hot Wheat Cereal(R), Skinner's(R) Raisin Bran and Erewhon(R) cereals.

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