Vermont Soap expands certified organic hand soap line

Vermont Soap expands certified organic hand soap line

The new, certified-organic foaming hand soap combines tea tree oil with peppermint oil to deliver a healthier alternative to petrochemical-based germ-fighting products.

Vermont Soap has expanded its collection of the nation’s first certified-organic foaming hand soaps with the launch of Tea Tree Mint Foaming Hand Soap. The new, certified-organic soap combines the power of tea tree oil with the fresh scent of American-grown peppermint oil to deliver a healthier alternative to the petrochemical-based germ fighting products prevalent in the marketplace. It is safe and nontoxic for all living things, except germs.

“With contagious bugs in the news, doctors are recommending that we wash our hands more often and thoroughly,” says Larry Plesent, the founder of Vermont Soap. “Our new Tea Tree Foaming Hand Soap features organic oils that help people fight germs without wrecking their hands and skin,” adds Plesent.

The foamer unit is designed to be reusable and Vermont Soap offers Eco-nomical 16-ounce and 1-gallon refills that can be added to the pump unit once it is empty. Offered in both the new Tea Tree Mint and Lavender Ecstasy, Lemongrass Zen and Unscented varieties, the SRP for the 7-ounce bottle is $7.78, the 16-ounce refill is $9.89, and the SRP for the 1-gallon refill is $39.98.

New Tea Tree Foaming Hand Soap is made from renewable vegetable and botanical sources: saponified organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, glycerin, natural mint tea tree essential oil blend with lavender oil, organic aloe vera and organic rosemary extract.

It is also completely natural and free of artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, and animal by-products. Vermont Soap does not test its products on animals. “Tea Tree Foaming Hand Soap contains only pure essential oils that provide aromatherapy benefits for the mind and kill germs on the skin,” says Plesent. “As an organic castile liquid soap based product, Tea Tree Foaming Hand Soap is guaranteed to be free of the synthetic ingredients found in mass-marketed foamers,” adds Plesent.


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