Whey Improved Company's Whey-Based Milk an Improved Version of Regular Milk

PHOENIX, AZ (October 20, 2003) -- Isn't it time to drink milk again? With WHEY Improved Milk, you can do even better. The researchers at Whey Improved Company have spent years perfecting the ultimate milk substitute. WHEY Improved Milk is a beverage that has all of the taste and flavor of regular milk without all of the unwanted fat, sugars and calories.

With only 56 calories, no fat and no sugars, you get all of the benefit of a healthy milk substitute without losing any of the flavor you love. Made with whey protein isolates, WHEY Improved Milk is lactose free and offers 12 grams of the highest quality whey protein available. The whey isolates used in WHEY Improved Milk provide all of the essential amino acids in the correct proportions to support growth, muscle regeneration and rapid recovery after exercise. In addition, the amino acid profile of WHEY Improved Milk's whey protein encourages food digestion and transportation of the protein to where it is needed in the body most. WHEY Improved Milk is vitamin A and D fortified, and is packed with 66% more calcium than vitamin D milk.

WHEY Improved Milk makes it easy to get 50% of your RDA of calcium needs. Packaged in a 32-ounce bottle, simply add water, shake and refrigerate to always have a bottle of whey milk ready to use. Try WHEY Improved Milk in recipes, with cereal, as a base for your favorite protein shake or just as a cold beverage. And Whey Improved Company did not forget the chocolate lover either. This revolutionary product is also available in chocolate flavor which contains the same nutritional profile as its milk flavored counterpart. For more product and ordering information, visit www.wheyimproved.com or call 800.655.9092.

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