Expert talks Eastern European regulations at Vitafoods

Expert talks Eastern European regulations at Vitafoods

Visitors can get first-hand insight into the challenges and opportunities for functional foods in Eastern European markets.

Visitors to Vitafoods Europe can get first-hand insight into the challenges and opportunities for functional foods in Eastern European markets with a keynote presentation from Russia’s head of the Food Safety Center, Viktor Tutelyan.

Taking place on Thursday, May 16 from noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Seminar Theatre at Vitafoods Europe, Professor Tutelyan’s keynote will give an overview of how regulatory challenges affect Eastern European markets, particularly the Customs Union comprising Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

He will also give his unique insight from over 50 years’ work in the field into issues relating to botanicals, health claims, product safety and the role of functional food and supplements in nutrition and health policies, and share his view on the “diet of the future” in which functional foods and dietary supplements play a key part.

Professor Tutelyan is a renowned scientist in toxicology and nutrition and has worked for the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences for the last 50 years. He is an appointed expert of the World Health Organization (WHO) in food safety, a member of Codex Committee on Food Additives and Codex Committee on Contaminants in Food, chair of WHO’s Collaboration Center in monitoring food contamination and a Board member of the Institute of Life Sciences.

His keynote presentation will also cover the most recent findings in nutrition science, highlight relations between nutritional deficiencies and non-communicable diseases, and address the role that governments should play in promoting healthy diets and lifestyle.

The presentation, which is free to attend, has been coordinated in association with international food regulatory and policy consultancy EAS Strategic Advice.

“Victor Tutelyan is Russia’s top regulator in safety and quality of foods,” said Alexey Petrenko, general manager of the EAS office in Moscow. “His presentation at Vitafoods is a rare opportunity to hear one of the leading food scientists speak on global and regional food issues and offering his unique vision based on 50 years of experience.”

EAS will also hold a workshop on May 30 in Brussels to help food supplement manufacturers navigate the changing regulations when launching products across the European Union. The workshop will cover the legislative provisions that result in difficulties in classifying some nutritional products; mandatory and optional harmonized rules; maximum levels for vitamins and minerals; rules relating to other ingredients, including botanicals; the status quo and expectations relating to novel foods; compliance with the recently introduced EU labeling legislation, and new avenues for making health claims based on the latest and future regulatory developments in this area.


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