AGG & Glucan Corp. Invigorate Bone Health Category with Polycan™ Launch

Glucan Corporation and Anderson Global Group, LLC have teamed to launch Polycan™ Black Yeast Beta Glucan for the North American Dietary Supplement, Personal Care, Animal Care and Food industries.

Polycan™ is a patented water soluble active compound fermented from a novel strain of black yeast clinically proven to support bone health and a healthy immune system. The unique composition of multiple polysaccharides including beta-glucan 1,3/1,6 has been shown to provide significant health benefits in both areas.

A 2009 12-week, randomized, 60-person double-blind human clinical study indicated significant gains in the activation of key bone formation biomarker osteoblast and the suppression of key bone resorption biomarker osteoclast. Seven other previously published clinical studies show equally favorable results.


“After many years of research and development, we are extremely proud to bring this premium product to the North American marketplace,” said Mr. Hyungrae Cho, President of Glucan Corporation. “Research has shown Polycan’s patented composition clearly offers benefits in multiple areas, specifically bone health. Although we are pleased with our favorable findings thus far, we carry on a continual research and development program to further validate the potential benefits of Polycan™ in bone, joint, immune, skin and metabolic health arenas.”

Available as a free flowing powder, the recommended 150mg daily dose of Polycan™ is tied to the aforementioned clinical studies.

“With an aging population, the bone health category is more important than ever within the natural product marketplace. Polycan™ gives brands and consumers a new ingredient option backed by science they can feel confidence in.” says Russ Anderson, President of AGG. “The Polycan™ Black Yeast Beta Glucan complex is loaded with therapeutic value and we’re very excited to help bring this revolutionary ingredient to market.”

Polycan™ will be featured at Anderson Global Group’s booth 11043 at the upcoming Supply Side West show, October 20–22 in Las Vegas.


About Glucan Corporation

Glucan Corporation is a private enterprise based in Busan, Korea devoted to the research, development and production of natural functional materials that can offer positive contributions to human health and the conservation of nature. Glucan Corporation’s product lineup includes Polycan™, Polycal™, Polycure™ and MPF™.

About Anderson Global Group, LLC

Anderson Global Group, LLC is a privately-held company dedicated to supplying premium ingredients to the natural products industry. With decades of industry experience as suppliers, marketers and manufacturers, the Anderson Global Group team has partnered with high end manufacturers from around the globe to give AGG customers competitive advantages in innovation, price, quality and service. The company is headquartered in Irvine, California.

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