Careline Launches Line of Sunscreen and Face Care Products

Careline (Pharmagis) Ltd., Israel, a leading cosmetics company and a subsidiary of Perrigo Group, has launched a new line of sunscreen and face care products containing AstaPure® produced by Algatechnologies Ltd, Israel, a leading manufacturer of natural astaxanthin.

“The sunscreen line SkinGard® and BIOgenic® , a premium face care line of products, represent a new concept that uses active and natural ingredients in sun care and cosmetics products that are targeted specifically at health-conscious women,” explains Oli Sadan, director of Face Care products at Careline. “It is in line with our strategy of linking beauty with healthcare through the use of the best possible ingredients - all with proven health benefits.”

The BIOgenic® line of products prevents and reduces face wrinkles thanks to the addition of a red algae complex based around amino acids, together with AstaPure®, a natural antioxidant derived from algae grown in Israel's Arava desert. AstaPure® is an excellent scavenger of free radicals and 500 times more potent than vitamin E.

"We are very proud to be taking part in the creation of innovative sunscreen and anti-aging face and skin care products together with Careline and we intend to promote the use of AstaPure® especially in the rapidly developing 'Beauty From Within' market," says Efrat Kat, marketing director at Algatechnologies.

The new formulation of SkinGard®, a clear spray easily absorbed into the skin, leaves no traces and is available in two versions: SPF15 and SPF30. It blocks 99.8% of UV sun exposure by providing a unique mirror protection effect. It also contains AstaPure®, natural astaxanthin, with its proven health benefits to the skin.

Astaxanthin is one of the most potent antioxidants found in nature. It has repeatedly proven in numerous clinical studies its ability to protect the skin from premature aging and from sun radiation damage. Astaxanthin helps to maintain a youthful appearance and can be used in both topical and oral formulations.

Careline is a leading supplier of cosmetics and sun care products and can be found in retail chains in America. As part of the Consumer Product Division of Perrigo, they combine extensive know-how with a pharmaceutical background to create health oriented beauty products.

Perrigo is a leading global healthcare supplier that develops, manufactures and distributes over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription pharmaceutical and nutritional products, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and consumer products.
Algatechnologies, a leading producer of natural astaxanthin for human consumption, holds a global patent for its closed, environmentally protected, cultivation system which allows for the production of a pure product with a high concentration of astaxanthin. The AstaPure® line includes a 10% astaxanthin oleoresin extracted using CO2 super critical extraction technology, 4mg astaxanthin softgels, 2.5% astaxanthin beadlets and 2% astaxanthin vegetarian beadlets as well as cold water-dispersible beadlets. All products can be used in multiple forms of dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals and functional foods.

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