Cargill announces Oliggo-FiberTM inulin approval for use as a dietary fibre in Canada

MINNEAPOLIS – Cargill’s Oliggo-Fiber(TM) inulin has been approved for use as a dietary fibre in Canada. This means Health Canada does not object to the classification of Oliggo-Fiber(TM) inulin from chicory as dietary fibre for labeling purposes in Canada. Health Canada issued to Cargill a "no objection letter," validating its determination that Oliggo-Fiber(TM) inulin from chicory roots is not a "novel fibre" in Health Canada Guideline No. 9, 1988 (revised Nov. 1994).

The approval allows Canadian food manufacturers using Oliggo-Fiber(TM) inulin to incorporate language such as "high source of fibre" on food packaging labels. "This is great news for Canadian food manufacturers looking to meet consumer demand for naturally-sourced fibre by incorporating Oliggo-Fiber(TM) inulin into their food products, " said Steve Snyder, vice president, Cargill Health & Food Technologies.

Derived from chicory roots, Oliggo-Fiber(TM) inulin is a naturally-sourced soluble fibre that provides 1.31-1.3 calories per gram and adds both functional and nutritional benefits in foods.

"Inulin is one of today’s most important nutritional ingredients. There is mounting scientific evidence demonstrating that Oliggo-Fiber(TM) inulin supports digestive health and calcium absorption. This Canadian ruling on Cargill’s Oliggo-Fiber(TM) inulin enables consumer packaged goods companies to incorporate increased amounts of fibre into products without affecting taste and texture," said Snyder.


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