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Company news

Sabinsa Curcumin chosen
Sabinsa Corp's Curcumin C3 Complex has been named curcumin ingredient of choice by M D Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas. M D Anderson studies the effects of curcumin in fighting cancers. Researchers believe curcumin blocks a key biological pathway needed for development of melanoma and other cancers by shutting down nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kB), a master switch that regulates expression of more than 300 genes that promote an abnormal inflammatory response. A 'supercurcumin' is also available from Sabinsa that contains Bioperine, a standardised pepper extract that enhances curcumin's effectiveness.

Division chief at FKI Logistex
FKI Logistex has appointed Bob Duplain as president of the warehouse and distribution division of FKI Logistex North America. Previously, he was acting division president at the company. A certified public accountant, Duplain has a master's degree in accounting from Wright State University. FKI Logistex is a supplier of material handling systems based in St Louis, Missouri.

Lonza acquires DHA business
Lonza of Switzerland has acquired Nutrinova's DHA business and expanded its portfolio of nutrition business within Organic Fine & Performance Chemicals. The proprietary fermentation technology provides access to a unique production strain, the company says. The DHA business is synergistic with Lonza's L-carnitine and niacin franchises, and aims to strengthen distribution channels. Nutrinova is a subsidiary of Celanese Corp.

Chr Hansen names board chief
Chr Hansen has chosen Jens Bigum, former CEO of Europe's largest dairy company ARLA, as chairman of its board. Jens Bigum, 67, has worked in the field of foods since he graduated with a degree in agriculture from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of Denmark in 1965. Bigum also serves on the boards of Carlsberg Breweries A/S, Arla Foods International A/S and Toms A/S.

Pure Fruit hires director
Pure Fruit Technologies has appointed Wayne Geilman, PhD, as director of product technologies and food science. Geilman has worked in the food industry as a private consultant for nearly 20 years. Before joining Pure Fruit, Geilman was an adjunct professor at Utah State University and also worked as a food scientist for a variety of companies.

Naturex strong in Europe
Naturex ranked number 21 among Europe's top 500 growth companies of 2005 and came in third for French companies. This listing has been established by Business Week and Europe's 500 Entrepreneurs for Growth, a Brussels organisation that represents more than 2000 entrepreneurs. This annual European ranking honours the fastest-growing companies that manifest entrepreneurial leadership, innovation, job creation and market expertise.

Chinese enterprise directory
Business Data International's new Directory of China Pharmaceutical Raw Material Manufacturing and Marketing Enterprises lists more than 4,500 pharmaceutical enterprises involved in raw materials, plant extracts, intermediates and accessories. It gives updated information on how to reach these companies in both English and Chinese. The 658-page directory costs $259.50, plus 10 per cent for shipping. Contact: + 1 514 293 6146;

Sales director at Decas
John D Wankewicz has been named director of sales and marketing for Massachusetts-based Decas Cranberry Products Co. He has 20 years of experience in sales and new product development in the food ingredients industry. Wankewicz holds a master's degree in business administration.

Supplements database online
Capsugel has launched an online Nutritional Supplements Bibliography, a comprehensive database focused on research that supports alternative treatments. More than 200 articles on medical conditions, related therapies and scientific evidence are represented, including critical interaction data between drugs and herbs/supplements. Visit

Integrity buys Soleris system
In a move to expand its in-house microbiology testing capabilities, Integrity Nutraceuticals International has acquired the Soleris 128 rapid optical system. The Soleris 128, manufactured by Centrus International, will allow Integrity's microbiology lab to rapidly and accurately test all incoming ingredients and raw materials for early contamination of micro-organisms. Integrity, based in Florida, is a raw-materials supplier of bulk nutraceuticals.

Indena to transfer lines
The Italian group Indena will transfer its cosmetic fluid extract lines, including brands PhytElEnes and CosmElEne, to the French phytocosmetic specialists Greentech SA. The deal follows Indena's decision to focus its cosmetics sector resources on the development of highly purified active principles and standardised dry extracts. These may be for topical or oral use. A new production facility is under construction.

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