Cyvex Celebrates A Quarter Century of Supply Leadership

Cyvex was founded in 1984 by Gilbert Gluck, a Canadian food scientist with a mission to provide innovative and high-quality raw materials for dietary supplements. Today, Cyvex is a leading supplier of unique, condition-specific nutraceuticals—and celebrates 25 years of success in 2009.

Throughout the past quarter-century, Cyvex has launched new, unique products, making a recent major advancement with Chirositol™, D-Chiro-Inositol. Additional ingredients are also in development toward continuing to sustain Cyvex’ position in the marketplace.

The company’s pioneering antioxidants include BioVin®, BioVin® Advanced (with 5% Resveratrol), BroccoPhane™, BroccoSinolate™, PomActiv™, CranLife™, BerryVin™, European Black Currant, KriaXanthin™, Q-Vida™ and others. In addition, Cyvex Nutrition has a longstanding exclusive partnership with Gedeon Richter to market its signature nutraceutical, BioVinca® vinpocetine, throughout North America.

“It is with tremendous gratitude to the industry and to my staff that Cyvex has achieved 25 years of steady growth,” Gilbert says. “Our competence has been proven time and time again with the wide variety of cutting-edge nutraceuticals, our quality assurance program NutriPrint™, and our unwavering dedication to partnering with our clients to provide the consumer with the ultimate in performance—and confidence.”

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