Dreamous Corporation® Introduces Cellular Stress Repair™

Dreamous ® Corporation announces the introduction of Cellular Stress Repair™, a remarkable dietary supplement that combines eight powerful ingredients to strengthen the body’s systems that can be damaged from stress and can cause the body to breakdown. The supplement contains clinically tested Procaine HCL (USP), a fusion combination of two B vitamins-molecule, that is 6 times more powerful than the original GH-3. It targets the physical, mental and environmental stress.

Procaine HCL (USP) assists with imbalances that can occur from external and internal stress. These special ingredients are compounded using a proprietary process and produce a regenerative effect at the cellular level to help maintain, repair and rebuild the cells and the body.

All Dreamous® products are available at wholesale prices. We also offer Private Label services. Dreamous® Cellular Stress Repair™ suggested retail price is $59.95, 60 V-Caps.

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About Dreamous®:
Dreamous ® Corporation has been at the forefront of developing innovative, all-natural, premium-quality health and beauty products for over 15 years. Dreamous ® is a leader in the development of anti-aging products including homeopathic remedies for a variety of health conditions to cold processed skin care. Our product lines, Time Eraser™ Skin Care and Hormonegentic™ Anti-Aging Oral Sprays, are based on over 40 years of research.

Dreamous ® is recognized as a research and product development company. Dreamous® developed the technology of cold-processing for our skin care line, which is therefore unique to Dreamous, known as CoVital Cold Processing™ technology. Visit the website, www.dreamous.com for new and updated information.

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