Enzymotec Presents Successful Trial Findings

Enzymotec' study on the effect of Sharp-PS™ PLATINUM on ADHD schoolchildren was presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS), in Toronto. The study, conducted by Prof. Nachum Vaisman from the Sourasky Tel Aviv Medical Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel, involved over sixty children, divided in 3 groups .

"Providing Sharp-PS™ PLATINUM to these children had a pronounced impact on their Test of variables of Attention (TOVA) scores, inasmuch as 60% of them presented asymptomatic total TOVA score at the end of the intervention" says Dr. Dori Pelled, Enzymotec's CTO.
"We find it very reassuring that the alleviated TOVA results, were highly correlated with the incorporation of this product into the blood components. It seems that conjugation of Omega-3s to phospholipids have a significant beneficial effect on cognitive performance." concludes Dr. Pelled.

Sharp-PS™ PLATINUM is a unique PS-DHA/EPA conjugation, based on Enzymotec's unique line of cognitive products, including : Sharp-PS™ and Sharp-PS™ GOLD, which are already being marketed in the US and elsewhere. Earlier this year , the company has announced of a second, large clinical trial, which will be conducted in Israel and will further evaluate the product efficacy on the same product.

Enzymotec (www.enzymotec.com) is an Israeli biotech company, that seeks to provide branded nutrition companies with a better value proposition in 3 main health areas: CVD management, improving cognitive performance and balanced nutrition for babies. We do that by taking ingredients, which have already gained market and scientific acceptance, such as: DHA, PS or plant-sterols and enhance their efficacy by mode of conjugation or modification. We also increase their value proposition by investing significant resources in clinical trials, regulatory affairs and patent protection while ensuring highest quality standards.

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