Exotic Naturals Announces Lipid Lowering Research Formula with Effective Control Over CRP Levels

Exotic Naturals announces the launch of novel research formula E-LL-01, an innovative formula which is scientifically proven to lower lipid levels and CRP (C - Reactive Protein), a key indicator for Ischemic Heart Disease.

According to American Heart Association, high levels of CRP consistently predict new coronary events in patients with unstable angina and acute myocardial infarction (heart attack). Research shows that people have heart attacks not only due to high LDL cholesterol & CRP but also due to metabolic syndrome. Various studies have proven that statins are drugs of choice for patients with high CRP levels. However, statins have few important side effects. The most serious side effect is liver failure as they cause an increase in liver enzyme levels and rhabdomyolysis which can impair kidney function & lead to kidney failure.

To address this medical need, Exotic Naturals has developed a unique formula which helps to reduce lipid & CRP levels considerably. E–LL–01 is an outcome of intensive R&D at Exotic Naturals backed with a 62 patient clinical study. With all ingredients are grandfathered, E-LL-01 passes through toughest quality checks of cGMP & GACP.

An open label randomized study to substantiate the safety and efficacy claims of two doses of E-LL-01 in lowering blood lipids and reducing risk of myocardial infarction was conducted as per ICH-GCP guidelines. 62 patients with LDL > 160 mg/dl and/or Total Cholesterol > 240 mg/dl were put on E-LL-01 as the sole therapy for 12 weeks. Both the doses of E-LL-01 have shown significant reduction (p<0.05) in LDL-C, VLDL-C, TG (Triglycerides) and Total Cholesterol at the end of the study as compared to baseline. There was 34% reduction in CRP levels in one of the dose groups indicating reducing the risk of Ischemic heart diseases.

Exotic Naturals has developed products in some of the fastest growing health categories - Male Sexual Dysfunction, Lipid Lowering and Diabetes Type 2, Allergies, Insomnia, Osteoarthritis & Antioxidants. Exotic Naturals is offering these exclusive opportunities to alliance partners for co-development and co-marketing worldwide.

For more information on Exotic Naturals & its products visit www.exoticnatural.com or contact Rekha Patel ([email protected])

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