Fresh Skin Rx's Natural Ingredients Treat Insect Bites, Sunburn, Rashes and Other Summer Skin Problems

Insect bites, sunburn, rashes and eczema flare-ups are common summer skin problems that can effectively be relieved with natural, non-steroid-based ingredients.

Sue Donnellan, a busy mom of four children, learned that lesson firsthand when she sought to treat one of her triplets’ chronic eczema.

Her search for a non-prescription, less costly alternative led her to work with chemists to develop Fresh Skin Rx, made with tea tree oil, green tea, vitamin E, glycerin, shea butter, cocoa butter and other helpful natural ingredients.

The botanical-based formula cleared her son’s skin quickly and proved effective at helping many other skin conditions as well. It helps take the itch out of bug bites; ease the sting of sunburns; and relieve the irritation of psoriasis and dermatitis and random rashes.

She founded BodyVerde, a natural skin care company. Fresh Skin Rx was sold online at and additional all-natural products soon followed.

The company’s philosophy is simple: nature provides everything needed to maintain skin’s good health. Tea tree, for example, has all-natural fungus- and bacteria-fighting properties; aloe can be an anti-inflammatory that soothes the skin; and green tea contains anti-oxidants that help heal damaged skin as well as prevent further damage.

Donnellan notes that eco-conscious individuals are increasingly turning to products that are paraben-free and phthalate-free. Questions have been raised about the safety of the common skin-care product additives, particularly for babies, children and women who are pregnant or nursing.

The average U.S. consumer uses about 10 products every day – including makeup, soap, shampoo, lotion, hair gel and cologne – and exposes himself or herself to 126 different chemicals, according to an e-report available at

BodyVerde’s Fresh Skin Rx sells for $12.99. For more information or product images, email bodyverde "at"

About BodyVerde:
Nature’s perfection is the inspiration for BodyVerde’s effective and affordable skin care products. BodyVerde applies family values to product development, using only safe and gentle botanical ingredients to promote self-healing from within. Go to to sign up for the e-newsletter Body Buzz and receive as a bonus a new e-report, The Secret to Beautiful Skin: 10 Reasons to Choose Natural Skin Care Products for You and Your Family.

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