GELITA Collagen Proteins Mimic Fat Without the Calories

All Weight Management concepts can at the end of the day be reduced to a simple mechanism of balancing energy intake with energy used. The food industry has no influence on the energy use of consumers. Therefore, efforts regarding Weight Management are solely geared to develop products reducing the energy intake.

Within this, the three most important aspects of Weight Management facing food developers around the globe are: replacing fat, reducing calorie load per serving and accelerating satiety.

GELITA® Collagen Proteins as a holistic range of protein ingredients deliver convincing solutions to all these aspects of Weight Management without compromising sensory profiles—the critical success factor for modern food.

Thanks to their fat-like texture and mouth feel GELITA® Collagen Proteins can mimic fat in a number of food products. With outstanding water binding and foaming capabilities, they increase the volume of food without adding unnecessary calories. Protein-rich nutrition supported by GELITA® Collagen Proteins allows for an earlier “full-feeling” and for a longer lasting satiety.

GELITA also presents JELLY PLUSTM for advanced gelatine desserts with an improved property profile accompanied with enhanced production cost efficiency.

Visit GELITA at IFT on July 18–20 in Chicago and learn more about how your product range can benefit from these concepts.

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