KGK Synergize Inc., Supports New Vitamin D Research in Toronto, Ontario

KGK Synergize Inc. (“KGK”), a contract research organization, sponsored an observational screening study along with the Toronto Man to Man Prostate Cancer Support Group, to evaluate the vitamin D status of volunteers from Toronto, ON. Attendees of this first-ever Man to Man special event, which was held on Wednesday, November 5, 2008 at the Toronto Botanical Garden, were invited to participate, along with their spouses. A total of 189 people participated in this screening, which to date, is one of the largest one-time cohort of subjects in North America that have been screened for vitamin D levels in their blood.

“Vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide health problem, especially for populations at higher latitudes where sun exposure is at a minimum. Toronto, Canada is one such northern location, where, to our knowledge, vitamin D status has not been specifically evaluated”, states Dr. Mark Moyad, Director of Preventative and Alternative Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical Center, who was the invited speaker during the event and initiated the study in collaboration with KGK. “Further, the data linking certain cancers, such as prostate cancer, to vitamin D levels can be strengthened by the addition of more data.”

KGK sent 12 employees, who volunteered their time, to conduct the study and is currently in the process of analyzing the results in KGK’s laboratory. “When Dr. Moyad approached us with this opportunity, our staff was very willing and excited to be part of this research”, stated Najla Guthrie, President/CEO of KGK. “We are pleased to be able to contribute our resources to this research and look forward to the results”. Man to Man Chairman Aaron Bacher added, “We were very honoured when Dr. Moyad asked us to participate in this research project, and were pleasantly surprised when so many people agreed to take part in the study that night.” The results of this study will be available to participants shortly and submitted for publication.

About Toronto Man to Man Prostate Cancer Support Group:
Man to Man is a volunteer based, non-profit organization, run by prostate cancer survivors who help other men diagnosed with this disease.
We help by:
• Raising the level of prostate cancer awareness
• Educating men who have been diagnosed
• Providing support to them and their families
Our message is very simple: go see your doctor on a regular basis as early detection is very important when dealing with prostate cancer. Building a partnership with your family doctor and specialist is essential.

About KGK Synergize Inc:

KGK provides contract research services to the health nutrition, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. These services include both pre-clinical and human clinical trials.
In addition to its contract research capabilities, KGK has a Product Development Division which brings new and innovative natural health products to the point where they are ready to be manufactured and marketed. These products include Sytrinol® for cardiovascular health, DiabetinolTM for the treatment and/or prevention of Type II Diabetes, and DermytolTM, a new product for the protection of sun damage to the skin.

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